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Title: Phoenix 35 will not accept updates from Castle Link 3.56.17
Post by: Dennis Toth on November 02, 2013, 08:31:20 PM
I pulled my Stuka off the rack and wanted to update the settings for an upcoming contest, The last time I flew the ship I started to change props to lower the amp draw. Since that time my computer got some upgrades and in the process Castle Link was removed. I downloaded the current version 3.56.17. When I went to update the rpm setting in "update" it starts to go through the process then just before completion it stops and says to disconnect and retry. Doing this gets the same results or it doesn't respond at all.

When I tried to test run the motor once I switch ON the ESC it doesn't beep or fire off. Before I did this update it ran fine just at too high an rpm. Is the ESC fried? Can I use a different version of the Castle link to communicate with the ESC and restore it (firmware is 3.23 beta)?

Best,   DennisT
Title: Re: Phoenix 35 will not accept updates from Castle Link 3.56.17
Post by: William DeMauro on November 03, 2013, 09:34:02 AM
If you are using windows vista or higher you may want to try re-installing the castle link software and trying this fix "Right click on the install file and choose "run as administrator". when installing. I have also been running the latest non-beta version (4.02) in my phx 45 for about the last month without incident, so you may want to try that. Sparky has been using it even longer and recommended for me to try it. If that doesn't work check all your connections. I installed 4.02 using Link software version 3.56.17 so I know that it worked for me. Here is the link to their FAQ page. Maybe something here will help if the above doesn't work.
Title: Re: Phoenix 35 will not accept updates from Castle Link 3.56.17
Post by: Dennis Toth on November 05, 2013, 05:43:18 AM
I spoke with Castle support yesterday and relayed my problem. We have found the problem. Seems that some laptop or tablets don't have enough power in the USB connection to allow the ESC to update. As I indicated in my first post my personnel laptop computer (Sony Vaio) had a tune-up and update by my local Geek Squad. I the process my Castle Link got wiped. This machine runs Windows 7 and to load Castle Link you need to be in Administer mode (as William said).

I was rushing to get out to the Palmetto, FL contest last Friday and figured I could just use my MS Surface Pro tablet (it runs Windows 8.1) which I had Castle Link 3.56.17 loaded onto. All I needed to do was lower the rpm, simple. When I tried to load the new rpm update it wouldn't complete the update. I tried several things - tried to load a newer firmware - still nothing. When I went to test run the system (which had worked fine before I started trying to change the rpm) the controller would just sit there, no beep, no spin-up. I thought I toasted it. In the last ditch effort I call Castle and they said try the other computer. Well I loaded CLink in admin mode and then  connected the ESC same as I had been and Ta-Da - new firmware and settings when in just fine.

I really would like to see if there is a way to get more power out to the USB port on the Surface but I think the problem is the battery is either too low voltage or doesn't have enough current available for our needs.

Best,          DennisT