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How may I drop voltage from 14.4 to 12 volts?

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frank mccune:
              Hi Folks:

              I purchased a 14.4 volt battery, li Po battery to power my starter.  Good idea? Not!  The starter works great via an 11.1 v LiPo.  I now have a very powerful starter that I can not use. 

               Is there a way that I may shed the excess voltage?


                                                                        Frank McCune

Dave Hull:
I don't think using line drop (long, smallish wires) is going to work well for you. It would seem that any practical wire size (durability) is going to need a lot of wire coiled up in your box. If you are just curious and want to screw around with this, just jumper the whole deal to use a household extension cord and see what you get. But remember, poor connections also cause line drop.

You might try to find an 11 or 12 volt zener diode with a high amperage rating and connect it across your battery. You may still need a dropping resistor. Does your starter give a stall current rating? You want to be a safe margin above that value.

Good luck,

The Divot

bill bischoff:
If you feel confident in your ability to do so, remove one cell and rewire your battery as 11.1volts. If you have ANY uncertainty or misgivings, though, DON'T try it. It could go real bad real fast. My experience has been that starters will take 4 cells without complaining, especially with the short duty cycle.

Igor Burger:
Looks like you have LIFE battery, simply do not charge it to full 100%. In that case the voltage will drop to 13V under load and your starter will think you have fully charged acid battery.

And if it is still too much, simply use long wire and you are down at 12V under load.

frank mccune:
          Hello All:

          Thanks for all of the help!

           The reason that I found that the higher voltage was a bad idea was that the starter became a wild beast.  It would throw the starter cone off to parts unknown and shake the plane to a point where the structural integrity was threatened.  I replaced the battery with one that is 11.1 volts and all is well.

            Any way that I may use the higher voltage starter without all of the jumping and bucking?  I am thinking about using the higher powered starter to turn my .40 Diesel. 

            Comments or suggestions?


                                                                           Frank McCune


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