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Author Topic: Plans to revive the Cox .049 Tee Dee?  (Read 12815 times)

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Plans to revive the Cox .049 Tee Dee?
« on: February 12, 2023, 10:53:21 PM »
Recently, Mr. Bernie Eisele, Cox International in Canda expressed a possibility to do a limited production run of the venerable Cox .049 Tee Dee, their highest performance .049 engine. You may follow the thread in:

Bernie opened with the following message:

Quote from: Cox International on Feb 06, 2023
We are currently exploring the possibility of resurrecting the Cox .049 Tee Engine. As we have all the drawings (I think), it would be exactly the same engine as Cox previously made. Can we please get some opinions as to what retail price would entice you to buy one? (Engine only; no box, wrenches or printed instructions)

He is now in the process of obtaining quotes on parts he is short of from various machine shop contractors, so he can know whether it would be worthwhile to proceed. Initially, he thought pending outstanding quotes, that the selling cost would be under $100.00 US. That of course is dependent on supplier costs for parts he lacks, inflation and other unforseeable market factors.

You may follow the discussion there, joining is free if you want to contribute. Also it would be useful here to post your comments.

Your comments both here and there will let him know about the demand and people are willing to pay, so he will know whether to do the project or not.

I think this will be a worthwhile project as the engines he would be producing would be the authentic Tee Dee, new, no time engines with the power and longevity Cox engines were known for. It would be an opportunity to get these new engines from a reliable, responsible, trusted dealer.


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