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Countylines Fathers day sale


bob jablonski:
New sale coming the week end of Fathers Day. free shipping on orders over $40.00 (I had to raise the minimum as the cost of shipping keeps going up).
Starts Friday and ends at the end of Fathers Day.
Mr. Bob
Countyline Hobbies
Grovertown, IN.

Any hints to what will be on sale?  I'm making a list for my kids.  Would the Herr Air Boss be a good fit for a Cox .049 TD? I want a Cox powered float plane.

bob jablonski:
Herr Air Boss is designed as en electric plane. but with a little bit of thinking a Cox engine will fit in there.. On a side note. a number of Black hawk kits are last ones. There are a few multiples though. but when there gone there gone until the new company restarts production. (and I was told to expect a price increase)
Mr. Bob
Countyline Hobbies
You know the rest


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