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Black Friday sale


bob jablonski:
Black Friday weekend is coming. And I am looking to see what folks would like to see on sale. Plane motor combo discounts? another shipping sale? I can't do a massive discount on everything but I can help stretch your holiday dollars. Also I can ship outside of the US. just email me the order question and I can get with the shipping company and get it figured and get an accurate shipping price.
Mr. Bob
Countyline Hobbies
Grovertown, IN.

bob jablonski:
A box from K&B showed up monday, a box from Sig showed up today. Cox International has a box on the way. Website is set to give free shipping on orders over $20.00 Friday till Sunday. I guess Black Friday is set.
Mr. Bob

Dane Martin:
Awesome! All of a sudden i need something else! Lol
Thanks Mr Bob

Update, i got my ringmaster kit from this black Friday sale. Thank you so much Mr Bob for supplying control line supplies


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