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Title: Welcome Ruslan Kurenkov
Post by: RC Storick on April 30, 2018, 07:43:28 PM
Use this space and good luck
Title: Re: Welcome Ruslan Kurenkov
Post by: Ruslan Kurenkov on July 31, 2018, 10:23:08 AM
I am glad to welcome you to my seller page.
My name is Ruslan Kurenkov, I am from Kiev, Ukraine.
I am a manufacturer of brass-plated Ukrainian control lines.
I myself personally, from beginning to end, are engaged in the production, testing, packaging and shipping of my lines. No one except me touches the lines in the production process.
At the same time, I myself am fully responsible for the quality of my products. Now my lines are presented for sale on my website and on
International airmail delivery of my lines from Ukraine is 2 to 4 weeks.
The duration of free shipping across America from Amazon is from 2 to 7 days.

Brass Steel control lines on :

account facebook :
facebook page     :
сontrol line club   :
site                     : PayPal payment system

contact 1 :      1-646-568-5425 / USA
contact 2 : +38-095-444-33-22 / Ukraine
e-mail     :

I wish you a great flights
RusLan Kurenkov , FAI 91828 , Kiev , Ukraine , UKR-995
Title: Re: Welcome Ruslan Kurenkov
Post by: Ruslan Kurenkov on November 30, 2018, 01:03:36 AM
Hello friends !
I want to inform you that now the company ControllineParts provides for all athletes who have long used our Stalker engines with a large selection of spare parts for any Stalker engine. Almost all spare parts are always in stock. If your engine is not already manufactured, we will manufacture your spare part for the order, which will not affect the price but will only slightly increase the delivery time. I also want to inform you that we take on the maintenance and overhaul of our engines that have made very many flights over many years of operation. All questions about the repair and the provision of spare parts please send to our email address :
Title: Re: Welcome Ruslan Kurenkov
Post by: Ruslan Kurenkov on May 20, 2020, 03:38:31 AM
Hello, friends !
Today I want to tell you about our new fluid that we developed and tested for long-term storage and use of steel brass lines. This liquid completely removes moisture and any contaminants from the surface of the lines and completely prevents rusting of brass steel lines during long-term storage and long-term operation. The liquid is applied from the bottle to the cotton cloth and then with this cloth you wipe the lines before training and after finishing flying before reeling onto the reel. After wiping the lines with PMDS-20 liquid, you will immediately feel how it becomes easier to control your plane. When rubbing against each other, the lines begin to slide and the friction decreases significantly. Water, rain, fog and dew when dropped on your brass lines are immediately thrown to the side. The liquid has a strong water-repellent effect, it penetrates inward between individual strands and forcing out dirt, dust and water no longer allows water to penetrate between the strands and start corrosion there. The anti-corrosion fluid must be used before each workout, and during training flights, wipe the lines with a dry cotton cloth without any means. Before reeling up the lines, wipe the lines again with a cotton cloth dampened with liquid.
If you are careful about your lines, carefully unwind and rewind them, carefully fasten and unfasten them from the carabiners on the control handle and on the wing, do not step on them, do not cling to the lines when planting on stones on asphalt or tall dense grass, constantly wipe the lines with a cotton cloth from dust and dirt, from castor oil which from the engine will get onto the lines, from moisture with the help of PDMS-20 - your lines will last you a very long time and will give you many good flights and a lot of good mood.
Ruslan Kurenkov