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Title: Spammer Alert- new EMAIL-MoreNew
Post by: phil c on March 13, 2021, 10:53:49 AM

Got a pro to scrape the computer.  He removed several programs the hackers stuck in.  Added some additional checking software his company uses.
I've just about got the computer back in shape, except for all the changes windows stuck in when I restarted.  Didn't break anything badly but the programs in place didn't make it back to the DeskTop.  Still working on that.
Cheers to all.

I fell into a spam trap somehow.  Spent a couple hours trying to get him back.
The trick that did him in was he opened a command prompt and wanted me to enter a number(guess what for!)
I missed-typed the number he wanted.  He tried to bully, but I don't like that and got even more suspicious.
He spent quite some time rewriting web pages as we spoke to try and convince me the bank was wrong about money being transferred.  Didn't work because my wife called the bank and they didn't show any activity.  Surprise, surprise.

Anyway-  I will post the new email here, and also send it to sparky.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Phil Cartier

In the meantime, try leaving messages here if needed.  I'll try to check everyday briefly.
Does anyone one else think the internet is getting TOO complicated and interwoven?
Title: Re: Spammer Alert- new EMAIL
Post by: john e. holliday on March 13, 2021, 01:02:28 PM
Unless I'm sure about who the party is sending the E-Mail on my SPAM list, it gets blown away.   So if someone on the forum has tried to E-Mail they will know why they never got a response.   One of the reasons I use the PM on this forum if I want get a personal message to some one. D>K
Title: Re: Spammer Alert- new EMAIL-MoreNew
Post by: phil c on December 01, 2021, 06:47:26 PM
Good ideas, Doc.  I try to do that.  Lately I've been having major problems with big companies and their websites.

The med center we deal with has started getting very vague.  Their system requires you to sign in.  The program doesn't show what you type.  it allows 1 mistake and then the user has to call in to get things reset.  Now that I've figured that out I going to go to back to cataloging all the websites with the user names and passwords that can be copied and pasted in.

Several others have similar problems.  I haven't been able to use the online website of a bank.  One password survives about two uses. Then it stops working.  The calls to the supposed help sites are bureaucratic useless monstrosities.  Fortunately their drive through teller works almost all the time and is easy to use.

Happy New Year!,

Phil C