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Author Topic: Rouge Park, Detroit Results, combat an a little racing  (Read 332 times)

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Rouge Park, Detroit Results, combat an a little racing
« on: May 24, 2010, 08:44:17 PM »
Contest Report
Strathmoor Club
Rouge Park, Detroit, Michigan
May 21 & 23, 2010

Speed Limit Combat

   1st   Pat MacKenzie                   3-0
   2nd   Brad LaPointe      1-1
   3rd   Ivan MacKenzie                   1-1
   4th   Don Sopka      0-2
   5th   Ed Brzys                      0-1

LA 25 Racing

   1st    Paul Smith, flown by Ed Brzys                      7:19
   2nd   Ken Towers, pitted by Brad LaPointe      7:55

Clown Racing Brodak Rules

   1st    Ed Brzys, pitted by Paul Smith                         241 laps
   2nd    Mark Warwashana, piloted by Ron Colombo      215 laps
   3rd   Ken Towers, pitted by Brad LaPointe         184 laps
   4th    Paul Smith, piloted by Ed Brzys         141 laps


   1st   Ivan MacKenzie                   5-1
   2nd   Lou Scavone      4-2
   3rd   Pat MacKenzie                   3-1
   4th   Brad LaPointe      1-2
   5th   Mike Evans, Yaroslav Melnikov, Ed Brzys, 1-2
   8th   Ron Colombo      0-2

and, still on life support,

Slow Combat

   1st   Ron Colombo      1-0
   2nd   Mike Evans      1-1
   3rd   Ed Brzys                      0-1

FAST Combat

   1st   Ed Brzys                      2-0
   2nd   Ron Colombo      0-1
   3rd   Mike Evans      0-1

E film at eleven

Paul Smith

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