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Author Topic: Fox 36 Mk 4-5 ABC sets  (Read 4562 times)

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Re: Fox 36 Mk 4-5 ABC sets
« Reply #50 on: September 19, 2022, 04:40:48 PM »
List updated Phil.

These and the ST35 will be getting priority after the current run of 160 x OS61VF are done.


I've been asked again if I would do a run of Fox 36 Mk 4-5.

Again, I'm happy to do these if there are enough numbers. WE HAVE ENOUGH NUMBERS

They will be stock Mk V timing and include piston/liner/rod/pin/head shims/backplate gasket.

Also doing Tyndal double bubble head buttons to suit stock long reach plugs, and also Nelson head buttons. So let me know if you want either or both.

Piston/liner/rod/pin/shim sets will be approximately $115 to $125 Australian dollars. Don't know what the head buttons will be $.


I'd like 2(two) piston liner assemblies and 2 of each head: Tyndal long reach,  Nelson plug version

Thanks Brian
Phil C

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