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Son in law Kevin picked up a Midwest ME 109 kit and I can't remember just when it came out.  Wondering if anyone knows if this is classic legal.  I know it's close.


I remember Bob Kilby flying one back in 1975 when I first started flying, if that helps.

Thanks Ty.  It will then be a profile class ship for him.  I remember an old club member who had one and it was very impressive.  He's putting a Mac .35 on it.

john e. holliday:
Yes, the series came out in the 70's.  I had the P-39 and it was a terrific plane for me at the time.   The tail did wobble a lot when the engine was running on the ground.  Like I said, not knowing any better it got me thru the pattern a lot better than some of the other planes I have built since then.  By the way, had a McCoy .40 Redhead that was box stock.

Think I remember that one John.  I was thinking of Vince Bernard's 109.  Had a really tired old Fox .35 on it and flew soooooo slow.  Turn it up for a wing over and you thought it stopped.  It just chugged right on over and stayed tight on the lines.  Truth be told I got the kit on eBay and thought to build it to test all the .29-.35s I have.  Kevin wanted it.  Still need to find or draw up something for that job sometime.


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