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Flying wing rebuild

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My neighbor had this in his attic and I am curious if anyone has seen it before. I am going to revive it and would like to know if there are any plans available as the inner wing panel will need to be rebuilt. It has a Enya 15 that needs a needle valve and looks to be brand new. 

Gary Mondry:
Fierce arrow 400 by Bill Netzeband:

That looks like the one. Thank you. Seems to be a lot of info available for it. This has definitely re kindled my interest in CL flying.

Bill Little:
Yes, a Fierce Arrow 400.  I have one and it will do a decent job of flying the pattern.  I use a McCoy .19 Red Head in mine, but a .15 would fly it fine especially a modern .15.  I need to fly it in Classic/Nostalgia 30 at Huntersville.....

Ken Burdick:
the arrow line is just the looks. The big brother is kitted. RSM?
How do they fly? (full size)


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