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Ty Marcucci:
When I first became aware  with the Cavalier in 1998,  it came in two types, full fuselage and profile.  These had the Lincoln log wing. Then they went with the present day Millinium wing. Both are a take off of an I beam set up. Also the stabs and elevators gained a little in size as well. The fuselages went from cross grain balsa to 1/64TH ply sides. The cowls also changed, but mainly for the type engine from what I can see. At present, I have 5 in the shop, not counting another in kit form, 4 hanging and one on the paint stand.  First designed in 1961 or 62, it used the Mackey Lark wing for the most part and a side profile of the many I beam models of the time.
All of mine have flown steady and went pretty much where I aimed them.. Only trouble I have had is turbulence, but then that gets anyone's model eventually.

I have seen them at the NATS, VSC, and at every contest in the South East.  To me they are kinda like potato chips, you can't build and fly just one. In fact I have purchased two that were almost complete as well, thus I am on my 12th one.
Try one, you will enjoy it's flying characteristics. H^^

Joe Ed Pederson:
I think it is one of the prettiest models ever!

Once I get to full fuselage models, it would be high on my list of "Classic" category stunters to build.

Joe Ed Pederson
Cuba, MO


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