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Has anyone used ae Fox Combat special mk3 in ae Bi Slob? I have one with an intake restrictor and works beautiful with ae 9X6 at ae four cycle.

Dave Hull:
Nope, no combat specials around here. I have one with a Fox .35 Stunt. A buddy has the same setup. Another guy here swears the Mickey Redhead is the only way to go. I suppose we are all running 10x6 or 9x6 props. Certainly, this is all the very latest technology....

The Divot

Jim Carter:
Howdy!  Sorry I can't make any recommendation regarding the Fox engine but I would like to share what my fellow club member did with his Bi-Slob ... he electrified it using a stock Brodak package.  I was surprised just how well it flew after tweaking the rpm/power adjustments  ;D

Dave Hull:
Now, now Sir James....

You say that it is possible to be Slobbin' with a 'lectric motorification. Wouldn't that be Cleanin'?  Seems like the Felix Unger of Dubble Wingurrrr's....

And not quite sure this story is all on the up-n-up. That field box is pulled right up to the plane, but:

--It's got an electric starter. Now, my English isn't always spot on, but them ain't starters for 'lectric motors, but a 'lectric motor for startin' a combustication-type En-Jine.

--It's got not one, but at least two glow-fuelly squirting devices. Don't try tellin' me it's for lubricatin' the bearings.... I fell off'n the turnip wagon more'n a month ago, you know....

--It's got one of them glow ignitors in there, too. Don't think they put them on to recharge them Bat'trees...?

So I kinda doubtful here about that being an actual Slob.

The Divot

Ken Culbertson:

--- Quote from: Dave Hull on November 27, 2021, 08:40:45 PM ---Now, now Sir James....

--- End quote ---
Excellent observations but look at the prop and prop"nut".  Day be electric! y1

I know the hobby shop sized field box makes you think it is IC but maybe he hadn't fully made the transition.



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