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All American SR Brazilian way

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fred cesquim:
hello there
i had laser cut ribs, fuselage and tail of and All American and while dope was drying on another model managed to put this one toguether
will be powered by Enya 30
my first attempt with polyspan
and painted with the "usual" Star & Stripes, but brazilian flag colours
always wantes to build this one since my 15 years old, finally made it
will post pictures of the finishing.
the building was so fast that i missed the chance to take more pictures!

fred cesquim:
this is my second De Bolt model, really love De Bolt taste for graceful vintage planes
first one was the sexy Continental 1955

Randy Powell:
All Brazilian Senior?

fred cesquim:

--- Quote from: Randy Powell on December 14, 2016, 02:16:41 PM ---All Brazilian Senior?

--- End quote ---

lol, not a bad idea at all !

fred cesquim:
while priming and sanding the Starduster, managed to complete the building, now itīs covering time!
will be nose heavy for sure!


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