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Suggested "update" Nostalia rules

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Paul Smith:
Somebody in NCS is trying to promoting a rules change to allow 2.4 radio in the three nostalgia events.

I oppose this scheme and urge others to oppose it as well.

I use 2.4 in my modern stuff and it works well.  I believe it gives an advantage over 3-line because it still gives throttle control with slack lines.

But nostalgia and OT events are about doing it the OLD way, which often results is lower scores.  Sure new is better than old.  So fly BOTH classes and let old still be old.

I also suggested banning left hand rotation from Nos events.  You can use pushers in all six Rule Book events and Skyray.  We need to let normal people have something to fly or else accept a Carrier category with about three flyers nationwide.

bob whitney:
I agree (for a change)with Paul .if u let 2.4 in .it will take over. so for one or 2 new 2.4 ships u will out date all the ships already built. leave 2.4 for the modern class's

i have a profile scale ship with 2.4 and there is no way a 3 line setup can compete with it

john vlna:
Carrier is almost dead. Many people say they like the old rules. Electrical throttles are easy to set up, easier in my opinion than mechanical systems.  Many scale and sport fliers already use them.  Maybe they would bring some folks back to carrier.

Dick Perry is the person who proposed the change. He is also the one who started the event and has supported it since its inception.

bob whitney:
there is already class's for 2.4 fly one of them and leave the oldy's alone

eric david conley:
     I don't think there are any oldy's left with the exception maybe Paul Smith?


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