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Suggested "update" Nostalia rules

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john vlna:
I never considered using my down the line equipment in nostalgia, but I still have it and could use it for nostalgia. There is essentially no difference between it and 2.4Ghz, except 2.4 will add more weight to the plane

Kris Millard:

I am new to Carrier and have flow only NWS.40 in competition. (actually won my class at the NW Regionals in first year I flew!)

That said, I have built a MO-1 for Profile and am having a heck of a time getting a three line setup working (ARGH!!!)
I'm using a Brodak bellcrank and a Roberts handle.

On the issue of 2.4 systems, Is there a preferred TX of the pistol grip sort that is easiest to convert?

I am looking to remove the radio components and build a new case that can be clipped to a regular style 2-line handle so I can un-clip it to take to the plane during engine start up. I have a left handed Nelson .36 in it so I don't want to just let it run at full throttle while I get back to the handle.

I know this has nothing to do with Nostalgia, but it's not like there are a ton of carrier related post with 2020 on the posting date...so at least you are all current, and not from 2008 or something...

Thanks for your patience...and hopefully help



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