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Title: Aug 15-16 - 2020 Buder Park St Louis MO Fun Fly - 60th Anniversary
Post by: Fred Cronenwett on October 20, 2019, 01:51:28 PM
Hello all,

Buder Park was started in 1960 and the Lafayette Esquadrille CL club in St Louis will be hosting a Fun Fly on June 27-28, 2020 to celebrate 60 years of flying in this County Park. We just had all of the asphalt flying surfaces sealed. This is Fun Fly, not a contest so if it's a CL model it can be flown.

The carrier ropes will be available!

We have the 60' do-nut, square pad, carrier deck and the speed circle. So regardless of what you fly, how fast or how slow there will be circle to fly in. We will have the Balloon bust equipment out and the carrier deck ropes available.

We are just getting going on the planning for this, keep this date open!

Fred Cronenwett
Title: Re: June 27 - 2020 Buder Park Fun Fly being planned - 60th Anniversary
Post by: Fred Cronenwett on November 06, 2019, 08:19:59 PM
Carrier deck will be available on June 27th with ropes, come join us!

This is just a fun fly and not a contest

Title: Re: June 27-28 - 2020 Buder Park Fun Fly being planned - 60th Anniversary
Post by: Fred Cronenwett on December 14, 2019, 01:52:29 PM
The fun fly will be extended into Sat & Sunday. Arrive early and you can fly on Friday. this would be a great chance to test and tune your airplanes for the Nats in July. We will have the carrier bags and ropes available for some practice flights.

We will be doing some cleanup on Friday morning but the circles will be available after we get those cleaned up. Friday is not an official day for the fun fly but how often do you get to fly on a paved circle?

Title: Re: June 27-28 - 2020 Buder Park St Louis MO Fun Fly - 60th Anniversary
Post by: Fred Cronenwett on December 27, 2019, 08:28:13 AM
The fun fly sanction is approved

check out this link on our website, it has general directions on where the flying site is located. Look at the article that was in the Sept 2019 issue of Model Aviation on the flying site.

here is some additional information. maps and directions will help you find your way around St Louis if you have never been here before

We have one paved donut, the paved square pad, concrete carrier deck and a fenced in speed circle. We also have room for two or more combat circles in the grass area.

Fred Cronenwett
Lafayette Esquadrille Club Secretary
Title: Re: June 27-28 - 2020 Buder Park St Louis MO Fun Fly - 60th Anniversary
Post by: Dan McEntee on December 31, 2019, 09:15:46 AM
  When Fred brought up the idea of the 60th Anniversary Fun-Fly I got to thinking. Just recently the news came of the Garden State Circle Burners have lost there field, they closed of Mile Square Park to model flying a few years ago, the Topeka club had Gage Park shut down and apartments built there, and several other long time sites had gone away. We have had our own share of close calls and fights to keep Buder open and available to model flying over the years and with the help of Mother Nature giving the place a good bath now and then with a major flood to discourage other interests, we have been successful so far. And when the idea of a celebratory Fun-Fly came up, I thought, let's invite EVERYONE! The whole country can help us celebrate one of the oldest and best model flying facilities in the country!
   Buder Park is more than just a control line site. There is a very nice R/C facility with two runways and a large shelter. The entire area of the field is large enough for small to medium free flight models if the winds cooperate. They have recently added an area for drone FPV racing and operations. And getting back to control line, we have a caged speed circle, the large square pad, and a traditional paved donut circle. We have an area with grass and a carrier deck ready for use. And in the grass beyond the C/L circles, there is a grassy area that is large enough for at least three active combat circles. We are going to try and uncover the paved circle centers as time permits. It is an historic place, where all forms and disciplines of model aviation could be flown at the same time! Not many places in the country where that can happen.
   Through the years, there have been many large contests of all kinds held there . Two FAI C/L finals have been held there. Many large R/C pattern and scale contests were part of the annual contest scene. During the 60's, at least 5 or 6 C/L contests were held annually. As I got around the country during my early C/L stunt contest endeavors, I have met many people that said that they used to live here and flew at Buder Park, or frequented the annual contests held there. St.Louis has always been a center of manufacturing with companies like McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing, Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler plants (St.Louis had been considered as the only city other than Detroit that had everything it needed to build cars, which included steel, rubber, and glass manufacturers, rail, air and and trucking hubs) and numerous other nationally know companies and defense contractors. When the big recession of the late 60's and early 70's came, and major layoffs occurred throughout the area, families had to leave town chasing jobs and took second generation model flyers with them. It sure would be nice to see as many of these people come back for a visit to enjoy the park!
   There have been many nationally know flyers from the area in many model disciplines. Julie Able was a junior and senior National C/L Scale champ and FAI C/L Scale Team Member, Al Signorino flew his world famous Snoopy's Flying Dog House at many Greater St. Louis Modeling Association Air Shows at Buder park. Buder Park is large enough that it was designated as an emergency landing field for the old Weiss Airport that was near by across from the Chrysler plant. All sorts of vintage and home built airplanes were often flown into Buder for display during  the GSLMA Air Shows. Back in the mid 1960's , and young, fresh out of college aeronautical engineer by the name of Burt Rutan came to work for McDonnell-Douglas to do spin and recovery work on the F-15 program. There are YouTube videos out there of Burt Rutan flying the proof of concept model if his Vari-Viggen home built model at Buder Park and at the old Mac flying filed in St. Charles, MO. The Kirkwood Thermaleers produced several nationally known indoor and outdoor free flight participant such as Chris Matsuno, Carl Freese, and Larry Coslick. When ever Bob Geiseke was traveling through town on his way to a NATS somewhere, he would always stop for a few flights at Buder Park. To say that the park has a rich and varied history is an understatement!
    With the emergence of all sorts of vintage model participation in the country these days in all disciplines, it seems to me that Buder Park would be the ideal place for one big vintage get together! No real competitions to add pressure to attendance, just a lot of good flying, good friendships, and good times. To keep things simple, since we don't have a lot of manpower to put on a large event, and what manpower we do have is getting on in years, I think just having a fun fly/get together is the thing to do. Lots of hotels in the area along with plenty of good places to meet. Lots of things to see and do in the St. Louis area to augment a trip to Buder with a pretty good baseball team in action at that time of year, several small airports with all kinds of home built, experimental and vintage aircraft along with a few museums dedicated to aviation and many other parks and museums here. Buder Park is more or less open from sun up to sun down and while St. Louis County Parks require us to purchase a permit each year, all you would need for this weekend is an AMA card and a photo ID. All you vintage Combat guys can come and have a ball , All you vintage and modern carrier guys can do lots of fun flying, trimming and practicing for the NATS. Speed guys can burn up the speed circle with what ever you want to bring, Stunt and scale guys could fly at will. And if you participate in R/C flying and free flight models, bring them along also, we got you covered..
  Again, no contests, no events unless the specific SIG groups decide they want to have one, no prize money or big trophies. Just a chance to maybe see how things used to be. Sort of our own model aviation Field of Dreams, so too speak. Being centrally located and near major highways, we are easy to get to. Plan to come for as long as you want, one day or for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. During that time of year, the weather is usually cooperative and over the three days we are surely  going to get some great flying weather. So for all you guys still working that have to plan ahead and schedule time off and such, mark your calendars and make your plans for that weekend. If you ever lived and worked here or your family did, it's time for a home coming! I plan to bump this up every now and then as a reminder and to post any new developments.. Lets all get together and have some fun!! Stay tuned to this channel for further developments as they become available!
  Type at you later and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  Dan McEntee
Title: Re: June 27-28 - 2020 Buder Park St Louis MO Fun Fly - 60th Anniversary
Post by: Fred Cronenwett on February 03, 2020, 07:21:04 PM
Here is the latest on the June 27-28 Fun Fly that we have been planning

We will have a raffle (purchase tickets) for the following items

1) CL handles
2) $50 gift Certificate from Brodak
3) Kits donated by club members
4) handmade boxes  with CL artwork made by Joe Pearson (Jason Pearson's dad)
5) 50/50 raffle ($$)

the 50/50 raffle will be separate tickets, the idea is you buy tickets and the cash goes into the box. The winning ticket gets 1/2 of the cash and the other 1/2 of the cash would go to the Lafayette Esquadrille. Clubs have used this as a fund raiser for charities and other items.

Bring your carrier, balloon bust, stunt, scale, speed, sport, anything that is CL is welcome. We will have three paved circles and the carrier deck where you can fly over grass.

Carrier - We will have the carrier bags available if you want to try it
Balloon bust - it's harder than it looks, it will be at the Do-nut circle

So regardless how fast, slow, big, small, ugly or pretty the CL model is you are welcome. The entry fee is free, the raffle tickets will available for cash

Fun fly information

St Louis information (maps, hotel, food, lodging, stuff like that)

Hope to see you there,
Fred Cronenwett
Title: Re: June 27-28 - 2020 Buder Park St Louis MO Fun Fly - 60th Anniversary
Post by: Fred Cronenwett on March 02, 2020, 05:24:35 PM
Video from Buder Park
Title: Re: June 27-28 - 2020 Buder Park St Louis MO Fun Fly - 60th Anniversary
Post by: Fred Cronenwett on March 02, 2020, 05:40:30 PM
We are going to have a raffle on Saturday with kits, 50/50 cash and handles (2-line)

This is going to be good time, again no rules or competition...just a fun fly, fly as much as you can on four different circles (3 are paved)
Title: Re: Aug 15-16 - 2020 Buder Park St Louis MO Fun Fly - 60th Anniversary
Post by: Fred Cronenwett on May 31, 2020, 08:26:05 PM
The Fun fly had to be moved to Aug 15-16 due to COVID-19 and St Louis County Rules

the AMA calendar and club website will be updated next week