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High Nitro

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Bill Calkins:
I just kept adding head shims until I stopped blowing plugs. Some motors like the old Super Tigre .35 blew a plug a flight.

How many shims did you end up with on your Tigre 35?

Motorman 8)

gordon tarbell:
Would motoring the engines through with compression gauge in place of glow plug be a repeatable measure of where you are as far as cyl pressure/compression ratio limits when running heavier loads of nitro. When getting close to/ into  detonation I found success with the use of Toluene when percentages of nitro of 60% and higher are used. In some cases replacing the methanol with straight toluene as the co-solvent.

I have a burette graduated in 100ths of a ML for measuring head volume. The head I made is definitely too big for 10% nitro so maybe I'm in the ball park.

Motorman 8)

C.T. Schaefer:
What motor are you talking about?


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