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  • May 25, 2022, 10:22:46 PM

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Author Topic: Hi Johnson Memorial Carrier Results_2019  (Read 696 times)

Online Dave Hull

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Hi Johnson Memorial Carrier Results_2019
« on: October 15, 2019, 11:00:43 PM »
Deck Pounders,

The results of the Valley Circle Burners (Los Angeles, CA) Hi Johnson Carrier event are posted in the Contest Results section.

A pretty good little contest on the carrier side of things. (We were also running two stunt circles simultaneously.) The weather on Sunday was great, although some worried that the big fire would hamper activities, including issues with smoke and ashes. That was mostly over by Saturday evening and the weather featured very light to light winds until mid-afternoon. A bit of a surprise to many Valley-ites, because it was the Santa Ana winds (ie. "backwards winds") that brought single-digit humidity and fierce winds to nearby foothills and mountains. And the red flag fire conditions.

We had at least 11 airplanes and five pilots turn out. Plenty of access to the deck. The circle had just been repainted by Ron Duly. And, most importantly, it was cleared off of the dirt, rocks and weeds.

A good bit of variety of planes, including a Wildcat, Hellcat, Sea Fury, multiple MO-1's, Me-109, a thingee (dunno what it was) and a SIG Skyray. Mufflers, open face, sliders, fixed leadouts. You name it. No twins though. Gotta promote a twin for next year.

There was one flight with a record time according to my notes. Another was very close. At the other extreme, all of mine were at the bottom of the order. Couldn't keep the engine running and out of the drink. Should have won both the "wet hook" and "kelp kollector" awards but all the guys were nice about it and very helpful. Got some suggestions on how to properly plumb a carrier tank, and how to know when your needle is too lean. Gotta remember to sensitize the unlatch mechanism on my hook, and move the tension anchor forward, too.

Fun times had by all,

Divot McSlow

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