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Peter Mazur:
Long time Carrier flyer and general control line flier Art Johnson passed away this morning. As most of you know, he has been a regular competitor and a frequent volunteer for a long, long time. He would help run the Nats most years, either as Event Director, Center Judge, Processor or Judge. He was a good friend to so many of us. We will miss him very much.

Paul Smith:
I remember Art very well.

He always ran a table at the Toledo RC Show, which was unfortunately cancelled this year.

pat king:
Art will be sorely missed. I didn't know Art well, but was always glad to see him. RIP Art.


david smith:
I was very sad to hear about this earlier this morning. I have known Art my whole life basically and will miss seeing him and his Sterling Guardians.


john e. holliday:
Sad to hear this as I have known Art since the year Melvin and I were working with my son on a mouse racer at the NATS.  There was this father and son that were paying close attention to us.   Then the son took off his cap and became a daughter.  Oh the memories.  Rest in peace and tell Mom I said hi. :(


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