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Title: Fancher Handle Kits! Ted Fancher's "Precision Pro" by Brent Williams order info
Post by: Brent Williams on January 25, 2018, 05:20:54 PM
Ted Fancher's "Precision Pro" handle kits are back in production and ready to ship.  These "Fancher Handles" are identical to what everyone has grown to know, love and use to win at the highest levels of competition over the years. This design was first available directly from Ted, later from Carl Shoup, and now from me. 

This project came to be after the early passing of Carl Shoup.  I saw the need to bring these handle kits back to the market and used a few un-built handle kits as templates for our CAD drawings.  I produced a few prototype handles and then inquired with Ted Fancher regarding his blessing on this project.  With Ted's encouragement and some clarifications on his proper specifications, I sought out the USA vendors for the components.  These handles are built with full compliance to Ted's specifications.  Ted has been absolutely great to work with on this project and I appreciate his words of advice and for allowing me to use his design and name.

The balsa and plywood parts are laser cut here in Utah, and the 16 gauge 304 stainless brackets are also laser cut here in the USA. 

There are two sizes of handles available.  The larger handle is 3.5" inside dimension.  The smaller handle is 3" inside dimension.

Each "Fancher Precision Pro Handle" kit includes the (5) laser cut balsa and plywood pieces, (2) 304 Stainless metal brackets, (2) stainless steel line clips, (4) 4-40 Stainless Steel Capscrews, (4) 4-40 blind nuts and (1) lightweight rope safety thong.

There are 5 layers to these handles.  1/4" balsa - 1/8" plywood - 1/16" plywood - 1/8" plywood - 1/4" balsa.

The metal bracket sits in the slot in the 1/16" plywood center piece.  The metal bracket is held firmly in place by the compression action of the 1/8" plywood pieces on either side.  The compression pressure is provided by the 4-40 blind nut fixed on one side and the 4-40 capscrew/washer tightened on the other side.  The reason for the 4 larger holes in the metal bracket is that Ted feels that the plywood might move a bit into that space as the fasteners are tightened and potentially create a more secure grip on the metal bracket.  The 1/4 balsa exterior pieces are there solely for the user to shape to their own hand and preference.

Pricing for each kit is $30.00

Shipping is $10.00 via USPS Priority for USA delivery.  (this shipping price is good for up to 4 handle kits)
Please send me a PM or email for international orders.

Please remember to include your shipping address with your payment.

You can send payment via PayPal by clicking this link:
(PayPal's gift option is appreciated as it saves me the 3% fees)

If you wish to pay via money order, please email me or send a private message for my mailing address.
Title: Re: Fancher Handle Kits! Ted Fancher's "Precision Pro" by Brent Williams order info
Post by: Brent Williams on October 04, 2020, 11:05:29 PM
I have had a several folks ask if I am still selling the Fancher Handle kits, as my original post was from early 2018.  The answer is Yes
I am still selling the Fancher Handle kits and line clip sets! 

These Line Clip Sets give 5/8" of adjustment in 1/16" increments. 
Line Clip Sets are $20.00.
(The clips are made using Jim Lee's clip bending tool.)

Many happy customers and many return customers. 

Thanks guys!