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Title: 1962 Doc Holliday photo
Post by: Bill Schwagerman on October 25, 2019, 10:13:50 AM
Check out the link discussing the Kansas City area flying from the early 1960's. Doc, do you remember the photo in this linked article? (

Title: Re: 1962 Doc Holliday photo
Post by: john e. holliday on October 25, 2019, 10:28:00 AM
Bill,  how can I thank you for this.  I lost the magazine the article was in when my basement flooded during a heavy rainstorm.   That is the flying circle at City Park of Kansas City, KANSAS.  The gentleman launching my Combat Cat was my brother Bill.  I was living with him at the time and we both worked at Ray Smith Motors in Raytown, MISSOURI.  I now have this saved in my reading file.   We lost the circle to another ball field and was moved into the park at the old street car turn around area.  Had a center pad that we couldn't use because it was too close to the trees.  We did a lot of flying down there in the early 70's, was good for sport/fun flying but competition didn't like the dirt and grass.   That area is now a soccer field with lights the time I was by there.  Probably not there any more as after dark it was not a safe area to be in. 

Again thanks for the article as it stirs up a lot of memories.  Randy Cuberly probably has a lot of memories from that circle as well as Walt Weatherford down Tulsa way. H^^
Title: Re: 1962 Doc Holliday photo
Post by: Bill Schwagerman on October 25, 2019, 02:14:34 PM
Hey Doc,

You paid me well in advance about 15 years ago when you gave me the lift in your old reliable truck after the VSC banquet to Frank Bowman's RV at that desert campground. That's a memory I'll never forget. You were and still are one of my KC area heros from the old days of the Sky Devils club at Swope Park. I was a kid and had a ball learning from you guys. By the way, dad (Bill the elder) is still kickin there in Lee's Summit.

Bill Schwagerman (the younger)
Title: Re: 1962 Doc Holliday photo
Post by: Dave_Trible on October 29, 2019, 04:40:11 PM
Not sure Doc was ever that young....  This was fascinating to me.  I just started in the hobby as a youngster at about this time.  I only slightly remember that K.C. K flying site-seemed to me to be down in a hole.  I was from the Missouri side of the line and we flew at Swope Park but we went to a Sodbusters contest at that field.  Some of those names had long-left my memory but boy they name right to the surface here.  Paul Woodford, Buster Kegeries, Jim Duncan , Bill Wright , Ray Reinscmitt, June Bug and Tommy Cooper and yes, Bill Schwagerman (Sr) were cronies from my flying site. Most of these guys are gone now but were my local heroes.  To read about 100 modelers using the KCK field......Don't think we had quite that many but a nice Saturday or Sunday afternoon you could find more than a dozen waiting to get a flight on the fabulous concrete circle there and a number of families making it a picnic affair.  That circle was put in after this article was written so it had to be in the '63-'64 time frame.  Before that was an asphalt pad not more than 10 or 12 feet long and a lone park bench well soaked in old castor oil.  With all the active clubs, hobby shops and fliers in the metro I doubt it was a hard sell to get the City of KC to pour that circle.  I think we were up to about six busy CL clubs going within the two county region.  Today there is Doc and me.............

Thanks Bill!  You still haven't been out to fly with us............spring WILL come again.

Dave Trible

Thought I'd add something.  Jim Kraft has often said the common occurrence at Swope in the day was for guys to say when headed to the circle "Hold my beer and watch this!".   Very true and yet to this day I've never seen or been able to duplicate some of the flying skill some of these guys did routinely.