OK here are the tips you have asked for. There are three things that make a light finish. IMO.

1.Time for dope to dry between coats. No more than 2 per day
2.The right amount and sequence.
3.Sanding IMO it is the most important part.

First off you need a airframe that is ready to paint. What I mean by that is you want to have all the fits and sanding done before the dope goes on. The less filler you have to use the lighter the finish. Choice of materials. I have always used AERO Gloss but not being able to get it I have switched to Sig. I know some of you will want to use Brodak a Randolph derivative thats OK. What I'm getting at is find a product and stick with it. Don't mix and match. Bill Werwage uses Aero gloss base to bond to the wood better. I have done this as well but I have quit doing it.

So sand the airframe with no less than 320 grit sandpaper use a light to see the high spots. Once this is done coat with only 3 coats of dope. I have been using CF over the fuse and Stab. 3 more coats only. Sand with 400 between coats. No more than 2 coats per day. The dope needs time to gas off. What this is that it leaves the medium there and the vehicle (Thinner) evaporates.

The Photo below is Thunderbolt ready to receive CF and Poly-Span.


Second photo is shot of fuse in CF.


Third shot is canopy detail



 There has been a lot of flap on BOM. When I grew up there was no question. SO I learned how to do it and everyone should too. You can't believe how model airplane building will help you in everyday life. Just the building of these planes may help you in Laying that flooring tile for your wife or just hanging the picture in the front room. Maybe if you like me you'll paint you own bike or car. LEARN and save yourself some money while getting that self satisfaction of knowing you did it!

Progress as of today 12-28-04 , As you see it here it's 51 oz in all flight trim with all the clear on it. All that's left is color and trim and top coat clear. Should be able to bring it in around 56-57 oz.





Here are the shots just before spraying. The rest of the day will be spent detail sanding. Tomorrow 12-31 I will spray it. Some call my methods pragmatic others call me prolific I call it craftsmanship.

Take pride in what you do. My father told me when I was a boy that I could do anything  wanted to if I put my mind to it. It's true and you can too. Just takes perseverance.