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 on: Yesterday at 09:56:39 PM 
Started by REX1945 - Last post by Mark Scarborough
well what I recommend, is a few minutes on Google,,

lots of good info there,, I would read it,, kick the lowest power setup and highest,, the middle ground should be a reasonable start,

I think on a Telemaster, I would think slow speed,, flatter prop,, more voltage,,
I would probably look at something like a 16 x 6 or 17 x 6,, on 8S.... or two 4S packs in series ( 4S packs work well with an Eflight 25 in a 600 inch stunter  so some motivation could be created for two 4S instead of a single 8S pack) A setup like this will "drive " the plane better at the lower speed envelope,, IMHO,, but !! I have not flown something this size on electric,, hence my google search,,
oh,, and heres another possible source for info,,

I will help with theoretical knowledge ( sic ) ,, as much as I can Rex,,

 on: Yesterday at 09:53:21 PM 
Started by bill bischoff - Last post by Matt Spencer
ACTUALLY , for a Tapered wing , Cutiing the rear at a angle ( say 2 in at tips , 4 in at center for example ) for a straight L.E. G/Y wing
would get you the shape with a tapered spar , and a bit of blending in .

One racer shapes the wing , THEN cuts the T.E. to plan - leaving the cut going thicker outward . Shaving the underside flat to the top of the cut
from the high point aft under , gives it washout. Which improves the glide - so says he .

So your ' Blank ' is adaptable to most Id think . Thanks for the post Bill .

 on: Yesterday at 09:45:37 PM 
Started by Matt Spencer - Last post by Matt Spencer
Don sent me a pdf of the GRMZPH ' B ' that ive recently had printed , Print shop said he would hold the scan for me, hasn't sent it yet .Will check .
Spoke to Mr Staples by phone in Wanganui several years ago . Ive been scribbling on a picture to ascertain dimensions . Should see if He is still with us.Im sure he said the span was 21 & tailplane 16 forty years ago !. Remember the paint wraps in a bead at the flat tips , so theyre
' boundary layer ' like a golf ball .  Cool
Theres one other F'wing picture somewhere ( Horton , wonder if he's related TO Horten ?  Clown). Will do the Nova / supernova ones one day ,
One is ETA 3.2 cc in Supernova In ' B ' Finals at British Nats .
Fell free to ' borrow ' the printed pictures / plans .

 on: Yesterday at 09:36:32 PM 
Started by EddyR - Last post by Matt Colan
Looks awesome Ed!! Looking forward to seeing it next week!

 on: Yesterday at 09:33:06 PM 
Started by Dennis Toth - Last post by Dennis Toth
Has anyone found a sketch/drawing program for a PC based computer that can be used to sketch out a ship and try different paint schemes? I have a MS Surface tablet and would like to be able to try different trim treatments and colors to without having to re-draw the whole ship. I would like a simple cheap (free would be great) program. Any suggestions?

Best,   DennisT

 on: Yesterday at 09:19:15 PM 
Started by Bill Burton - Last post by Robert Storick
Robert, do you use a heat gun to melt the Zpoxy into  the wood before you wipe it off or is that necessary?

Thank you

No just brush it on and card it all off. Finish drying with paper towel ,let dry sand and paint. I use to finish like this in the 1990s works good just a littler heavier than dope.

 on: Yesterday at 09:04:08 PM 
Started by REX1945 - Last post by REX1945
Is this for an R/C airplane or a giant scale model?

Yes, it is a Senior Telemaster, high wing RC. Obviously, someone like Howard Rush could calculate the (maximum) airframe drag coefficient to keep within current range for the voltage chosen. The same would apply to a CL airplane.  Right now, I wouldn't know how to size the prop, voltage, and ESC size for a 45 Oz Strathmore with an E-Flite 25. It probably needs a 4s, but can I get away with a 3s if I keep the pitch down.

When planes are large, it's quite expensive to gear up with undersized components.  However, I believe the LHS is sandbagging it to stick in a 120 amp speed controller.

On the other hand, I don't want to stick in a 6s batter for $130+ just to fry the speed controller if too much power is required.

What voltage would you pick ?


 on: Yesterday at 08:51:31 PM 
Started by Bill Burton - Last post by Motorman
A standard finishing method for dope. The first 2 coats should be clear nitrate no talc thinned 50/50 to get good adhesion. Then just mix some filler like talc powder or something lighter with nitrate dope and brush on a few coats. You have to keep mixing as it settles. Then sand it back almost to bare wood, repeat until the grain is filled then finish it with butyrate dope.

Bill, if you want to use polycrylic all you need to do is brush on 2 coats of nitrate dope thinned 50/50 and the water based stuff will be no problem. You'll need about 3-4 coats of polycrylic and it has to be sanded aggressively because it's thick and hard. Not my first choice for filler.


 on: Yesterday at 08:46:45 PM 
Started by John Rist - Last post by Ty Marcucci
Hey John. I have a few quarts of Randolph silver dope, come over and get some. It will go over the gray primer.  Hoff

 on: Yesterday at 08:36:55 PM 
Started by Frank Imbriaco - Last post by RandySmith
" PISTON/LINER  ............   YES for the most part( i don't think they made a PDP C35) "
One Thing with SUPER TIGRES , never say never .
Ive got a bleedy PDP C 35 , for spare liner for the 21s .  Angry

Std C 35 did 5 minutes on the seven minute tank with 21 - 35 .

Was a engine test on the pdp C 35 RC in one of the American magazines ,

Yes the piston sleeve fits, but the only one I saw  did NOT have the  bypass  port cut into the case, and it was brand new.
Not that there  may have been some ??  that is why I said  "I don't think they made"   I do know the G21 was, as I had several of them.
If you saw an engine test, was there any power increase?


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