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 on: Today at 10:52:08 AM 
Started by Fred Cronenwett - Last post by MikeyPratt
at our club picnic last weekend (80 degrees and light winds) Jason was flying Allen Brickhaus's Savoy, the original model used for the Dec 1996 article in Model Aviation.


Hi Guys,
Allen let me fly this model many years ago during the Sig contest.  We were looking for a solution on a particular trim problem and we're trying many different ideas but settled on a tank problem.  After the new tank, the model was much better.  It was a great flying model but the turn was a little soft for me at the time.  Later, Allen changed the C.G. which made the turns way better with a crisp and flat exit.


 on: Today at 09:58:07 AM 
Started by frank mccune - Last post by Dan McEntee
   All the good stuff has been covered. I'll just add that when asked at the flying field, I always suggest the constant use of a stop watch and recording of lap times when trimming a new model. The ideal line length is what ever you get the best "feel" at the handle and the best comfort and confidence when flying the pattern. I always encourage a set of lines and handle for each airplane, well marked to avoid confusion. Another stop watch to time each engine run, usually my wristwatch, started at the signal to the judges. I keep a 100 foot tape measure in my flight box also to measure lines and ALWAYS refer to line length as the distance form handle to model fuselage center line. Start with the lines a bit long, then as you get the power plant happy, you can shorten the lines as necessary. Lines are getting expensive, so it's easier to shorten them, and they haven't invented a line stretcher yet! I usually make several flights  before I make a change in length to be sure that is what I really want to do. The other main ingredient in all of this is practice, getting lots of handle time and developing a good idea of exactly what it is that you like for a lap speed. no matter what anyone else is telling you. Listen to what everyone is telling you, but come to your own conclusions in your own mind on what youneed to do.
  Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend,
   Dan McEntee

 on: Today at 09:43:07 AM 
Started by john e. holliday - Last post by Avaiojet

The model is shaping up, looks really good.  Hoff

Do I see working flaps on both sides of the nacelles? Does the kit come this way or is this something you added?

Here's my choice for a color scheme. These stripes are red. I'm sure there's a decal sheet someplace for this aircraft.


 on: Today at 09:28:17 AM 
Started by Shug Emery - Last post by jim gevay
Re-reading my comments to you Sean, what I said was" a nice concise beginners demonstration of the stunt pattern". 
What I meant was a nice concise demonstration of the stunt pattern for beginners.

 on: Today at 08:43:19 AM 
Started by frank mccune - Last post by frank mccune
     Yes, it is true!

 on: Today at 08:37:13 AM 
Started by frank mccune - Last post by frank mccune

        I need cylinder heads for a ST G21/.35 and an OS FP .40. If you have any to spare, kindly contact me.


                                                                                                                   Frank McCune

 on: Today at 08:34:15 AM 
Started by AirClassix - Last post by JoeJust
I do think it's bull---- that they can jump in and make changes without our consent. Some of you have phoned them about issues? That's a new one on me. If they do make a change that you don't want who is it that you call to get it reversed?
My computer is much he same as the 3 others I have owned. It is a Hewit Packard. I signed up with their "Support Assistant" and the cost for on-line or phone help is really cheap but very effective.
I gave up trying to deal with MS some time ago. Getting help from them is a gamble.

 on: Today at 08:25:15 AM 
Started by Matt Colan - Last post by Matt Colan
Great looking plane,  good smooth pattern,  but I took pattern points away.  It's 2 1/2 laps between hour glass and over head eight.  You should be in the running where ever you go with full pettern points.

By the way I looked at that several times to make sure these eyes weren't deceiving me. Hoff

I did 1 1/2 on that flight to make sure I could get through the four leaf. I spent a long time on the ground setting the needle.  Hoff

 on: Today at 08:23:03 AM 
Started by John Leidle - Last post by big ron
John could you give Dave and Joe's setups for us

 on: Today at 08:18:16 AM 
Started by Shug Emery - Last post by NED-088
This is a video I did for my You Tube Veiwers explaining the Stunt Pattern as many of them  have asked what it is all about and what the stunts are.
Just a play by play of some flying I did today with the Brodak Electric P-40B ARF. Just wanted to show the maneuvers in the order they are flown and a brief description.

This is sorta preaching to the choir to all you on here.

Trying to get more of 'em intersted in some Control Lines. Several of my viewers have informed me that they got kits built and getting back into it.

Whoooooooo Buddy))))))

A wonderful work of art! I especially like the first bits of sound that appear to be 'Jerusalem Ridge', another work of art...
Never tried that one on mandolin, though, banjo yes....
I will put a link to this on our dutch forum.

Something else.... About colors contrasting with the background ('You need a better lit background though, the model dissapears when flying low against the trees. '), I've got my own solution to that. It constantly screams 'I'm here...':

Bruno van Hoek

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