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 on: Yesterday at 08:45:32 PM 
Started by Rusty Pieper - Last post by Rusty Pieper
The spacing is near identical to the Sig handle spacing. 

 on: Yesterday at 08:44:15 PM 
Started by Rusty Pieper - Last post by Rusty Pieper
Okay, Charles, it is gone.  (It was a commercial that never leaves your mind, "You've come a long way Baby... Virginia Slims cigarettes.)

 on: Yesterday at 08:39:42 PM 
Started by Motorman - Last post by Randy Cuberly
Yeah but it's funny it didn't turn white until I mixed it. It's old stuff and the resin was crystallized then I left it in hot water to make it clear again. Did water get through the polypropylene bottle? Will try to heat it with dry air and see what happens. I'll be happy if it hardens up so I can get the mold apart.


I don't think the water will prevent it from hardening.  It could be a little crumbly in some places depending on how much water is actually trapped in the stuff.

Yes I would guess that there is a very small leak in one of the bottles that allowed some water intrusion into one of the components.

Randy Cuberly

 on: Yesterday at 08:38:52 PM 
Started by Rusty Pieper - Last post by Phil Krankowski
I set up for near equal spacing as the bellcrank.  This spacing is much more narrow than you have.

It looks pretty good.


 on: Yesterday at 08:38:30 PM 
Started by Sean McEntee - Last post by john e. holliday
Not if the Army doesn't wear me out first. Getting to the point where hips, knees and ankles don't feel like they use to after PT every day...

 hey kid, at your  age you are complaining.   Must have been loafing at one time or another.   Wish I had stayed with PE routine.   Anyway, thanks for serving our country.

 on: Yesterday at 08:37:51 PM 
Started by badbill - Last post by Rusty Pieper
Bill, I will take the Baby Lightning Streaks.


 on: Yesterday at 08:20:51 PM 
Started by jim welch - Last post by Andre Ming
Thanks for the kind words, Jim.

Since I long ago knew I wasn't going to be flying combat with my vintage stuff, then I could take my time and build them "artsy-fartsy" and not concern myself with a mid-air 10 seconds after launch!

However, it DOES pain me for one to bite the dust.  My last Voodoo was a whale of a flyer. I had it balanced to where it turned really good, had a really good 36X on it... I flew it and flew it. It was my "go to" airplane when I wanted to try to impress the troops.  Had it for years.  Then many years ago while showing off with it at a Gluedobbers contest, the soft leading edge finally gave up and it folded up during a hard/tight maneuver.  Boy that one hurt me right here (tapping on me ol' ticker).

So, the old adage is true: ALL airplanes that you actually fly WILL be crashed... someday.

 on: Yesterday at 08:20:30 PM 
Started by Rusty Pieper - Last post by Rusty Pieper
Okay Guys, here is my first handle.  I think it is better than  the others.

1.  It is light, made out of 1/4" bass wood.

2.  It is very cheap.

3.  It is infinitely adjustable for elevator centering.

What I did after Orv sent me a template of the Sig handle, I cut the handle out.  I then drill the holes for a 4-40 threaded rod to go in the handle as seen in the picture.  I then drilled the outer part with a 11/32 drill for Dubro 4-40 threaded inserts.  I then put thick CA on the inserts and screwed them into the handle.  After than I put some 4-40 ball link ends on 2" 4-40 threaded rods.   The rods will go out as much as they will go in, giving a good amount of adjustment.   It weighs .7 oz.

I am going to fine sand it and seal it before use, but this is it.   What do you think?  

 on: Yesterday at 08:05:52 PM 
Started by paul allen - Last post by dennis lipsett
Seems to work fine for me.


 on: Yesterday at 08:02:05 PM 
Started by Avaiojet - Last post by Trostle

Still do not see how you are going to secure your tank.

Still do not see the clearances you are going to need for that pushrod around the slot at the elevators.

Just saying.


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