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 on: Yesterday at 03:55:02 PM 
Started by REX1945 - Last post by REX1945
Since I'm partial to foam wings,I like the looks of your design! Could you please answer a bunch of questions? Like are there any spars in it ? How about the span and chord ? Any reinforcement for the pod and booms? Is that  pink foam and if so is it covered? Looks like it would be pretty quick to build.  Thanks in advance

Blue  Skies. ......Tim


    It is made out of Home Depot 2" x 24" (pink) foam. Wing chord is 8".  The airfoil profile is from an Adams' Special plan.
I started with a Flying Clown airfoil and it flew a bit too fast. White foam would be a lot lighter.

    The assembled wing( 2" motor mount foam blocks, Dacron fabric reinforcement, and 5/16 hardwood LE dowel) weighs
4.5 Oz. Engine pod and tank weighs 3.9 Oz w/o engine. Dacron strips help keep the trailing edge from separating when
the plane lands on it's nose. Strips are "painted on" with polyurethane. The hardwood dowel never has broken so far.
The only "spar" is the leading edge glued in with "TiteBond". If I added spars, they would probably be at the high point
in dado slots made of aluminum tube. Bend flex is not a problem, cracking on centerline when landing on the nose is.

    Tip weight is a 1/4-20 carriage bolt tightened across the foam between a pair of lite ply plates.

    Most often we've broken the stabilizer booms which were made of lite ply. I have added popsicle stick doublers
at the trailing edge to stiffen it up a bit; we'll see this week.

    Out of six "wings" I have rebuilt the engine pod assembly twice.


 on: Yesterday at 03:49:48 PM 
Started by jim gilmore - Last post by Tim Wescott
Nobody has any thoughts on weather that part of the profile fuselage is required Huh?

Picture?  To help me think?

 on: Yesterday at 03:38:03 PM 
Started by jim gilmore - Last post by jim gilmore
Nobody has any thoughts on weather that part of the profile fuselage is required Huh?

 on: Yesterday at 03:36:17 PM 
Started by Avaiojet - Last post by frank mccune
     Hi Rust:

     I have only had one tail heavy plane in my life! All others have been nose heavy.  I find the Brodak a great engine to help solve the problem of having nose heavy planes in the .29-.40 engine size without resorting to adding tail weight!

     Of course there are other ways to balance an plane like shortening the nose, extending the fuselage and making the parts for the tail out of heavy wood.

     Now that I am using mufflers, I can see tail weights in my future! Lol  This added weight makes the plane sluggish and  less fun to fly.

                                                                                                           "Keep em Flying"


 on: Yesterday at 03:15:28 PM 
Started by Chris Behm - Last post by bob whitney

 any profile that dosnt have motormounts going past the leading edge of the wing can snap the front off ,even the Ringmaster ,a little glass cloth and epoxy will stiffen it up

 on: Yesterday at 03:13:40 PM 
Started by Randy Powell - Last post by Randy Powell
Thanks, Charles.

Wayne, 8 hours of taping in one sitting. The blue paint - move the mask, red paint, move the mask, gold paint and pull tape. Ugh! Now it can sit and gas off for a week while I sit next to a lake and see how much of nothing I can do.

When I get back it will be a small bit of touch up (not bad), lettering, ink, clear and let's go flying. Hurrah!

 on: Yesterday at 03:10:16 PM 
Started by Matt Piatkowski - Last post by bob whitney

  u didnt say what engine is in it

 on: Yesterday at 02:33:50 PM 
Started by Matt Piatkowski - Last post by Tim Wescott
If you start with 50' and you know they're too long, you can shorten them.

It's harder to go in the other direction.

 on: Yesterday at 02:28:58 PM 
Started by Avaiojet - Last post by Robert Storick
    Hi Charles:

     As always, beautiful work! Continue posting the pictures.

     The next time that you do a canopy installation, kindly post a "how to" as I can not seem to obtain an attractive appearance of the joint between the fuselage and canopy.

                                                                                   Be well my friend,


 on: Yesterday at 02:27:38 PM 
Started by REX1945 - Last post by Tim Thompson
Thanks  Tim. My bad here, but I actually was asking Rex. Sorry. But DT Foam  does crash pretty good, so I hope you have good luck with your design!

What I'm after is a foam wing that is quick and easy to build, fairly tough and easy to repair.

Blue  Skies. ...Tim.

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