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 on: Today at 09:51:21 AM 
Started by Dennis Moritz - Last post by Steve Fitton
You lucky dogs! Whenever I miss Philly the weather is perfect!  I checked the weather from the computer here on Sanibel Island and it looked clear, albeit weather channel said 95 degrees at 3:00 pm (!)

 on: Today at 09:35:34 AM 
Started by Peter Ferguson - Last post by Motorman
Imagine if this was African aviation terminology how racist it would be. As someone with German heritage in my background I'm slightly offended and suggest this thread be deleted.


 on: Today at 09:34:04 AM 
Started by Shug Emery - Last post by Gene Martine
 y1 y1 y1 y1 y1 y1 y1
 Bravo Shug.

 on: Today at 09:29:54 AM 
Started by Peter Ferguson - Last post by Peter Ferguson
I frequently see people using non aviation terms to describe aviation like things so I thought I would post this to help the German Smiley

 German Aviation Terminology

AIRCRAFT---Der Fliegenwagen dat der puschen-pullen, bankenyanken, tailschwingen, dumbkopf ist fliegen too phast mitt all der too hardt bankenyanken dat machen allus udder pfools airszick...


JET TRANSPORT---Der Muchen Overgrössen Biggenmother Das Ist Fliegen Highernfaster mit all der Mach Und Flightenlevelen. (Uzually built by Boeing)

PROPELLER---Der Airfloggen Pushenthruster schpinnenschtick

ENGINE---Der Noisenmaken Pistonputscher Das Turnens Der Airflöggenfan Pushenthruster....she ist purdy damn phast alszo, ja !! 

JET ENGINE---Der Schkreemen Skullschplitten Firespitten Smokenmaken Airpushenbacken Thrustermaker mit Compressorsqueezern und Turbinespinnen Bladenrotors dat machen mitt der quick schnell, Ja Vohl !! (Made by Pratt & Whitney)

CONTROL COLUMN---Der Pushenpullen Bankenyanken Schtick.....

RUDDER PEDALS---Der Tailschwingen Yawmaken Werkschtompers

PILOT---Der Pushenpullen Bankenyanken Tailschwingen Werkerfool whosz gonna kill usz all iff he don't behave....

PASSENGER---Der Dumbkopf das est Strappened en der Baackenzeet mit allus udder Dumbkopfs das est Expecten to leave undt go on Scheduledtimen und Arriven mit der Luggagebags Somplacenelsz...Budt....Der ist No Way Jose'.....

STUDENT PILOT---Der Dumbkopf das Learnen all der Fliegen schidtt undt Hopen to Jobenfinden mit der big friggen Airlinen kompany zumday.

FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR---Der Timenbuilder mit less den 1000 Hrs Multienginefliegen. Teachen schtupidt Dumbkopfs to Fliegen undt machen mitt der Waitenwatchen fer der Letter mit der Joböffering frum der United Airlinen dumbkopfs

AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT---Das Grosse Overpaiden und Underwerken Whinencomplainer dat ist der Biggen-Schmuck dat Fliegen mit das Big Airlinen schweinhundts undt drawen all der bigg grossen dough...

PARACHUTE---Der flimsy Stringencottenbag das ist usen to Floaten der Tailschwingen Pushenpullen Bankenyanken Werkerfool Assz down to der Earthen ven der Fliegenwagen ist Kaputen schtoppt

FAA---Der Friggenfliegen Dummkopf Schmucks das Maken Alder Rülens und Regulations fur allus udder liddle guys

HELICOPTER --- Der Flingen Wingen Maschinen mit der Flippen Floppen Bladens dot ist Fliegen by der Dumbkopfs vas ist too Schtupidet für Knowen des Maschinens ist nein too Safen für Fliegen anyplasczelzer.

 on: Today at 09:16:05 AM 
Started by frank mccune - Last post by RknRusty
Thanks for the Links Bill and Doug. Copied into my files of "Things I like to know."

 on: Today at 09:15:40 AM 
Started by Shug Emery - Last post by Tim Wescott
Only completing the pattern two out of three attempts is not an unusual place for an intermediate flyer to be.  You'll probably find that you do worse at contests than in practice, at least the first few times -- this is exceedingly frustrating, but normal.

 on: Today at 08:54:54 AM 
Started by Carl Cisneros - Last post by Bob Hudak
The original bellcrank on one of my ARF Flte Streaks wore the center pivot, pushrod hole and leadout holes. I replaced it with a Brodak 3" nylon bellcrank.

 on: Today at 08:36:58 AM 
Started by frank mccune - Last post by BillLee
If you want to see THE treatise on castor oil in model engines, go read

 on: Today at 08:16:08 AM 
Started by Chris Belcher - Last post by Chris Belcher
I'm putting this in the ARFS section because it's pretty cool if you have an arf nobler with the sapphire blue covering...or any plane with sapphire blue monokote...or any plane you want a blue prop on.
 A buddy said you could dye thunder tiger props so I got some black RIT dye at wal mart and went for it. Cleaned the props with denatured alcohol... brought the water (enough to cover) up to 145 deg. stirred in half a packet of the BLACK dye, drop in the props...wait 30 minutes and VOILA...SAPPHIRE BLUE PROPS! I don't know if i did them agian if they would turn BLACK or not but i guess the gray and black made this blue...and it is VERY close to the exact color of the monokote. Looks kinda weird really...the prop being the same color as the plane. Some may like it some may not. this dyeing before any balancing as CYA does NOt take the Dye...if you use CA to balance like I do.

 on: Today at 08:07:00 AM 
Started by Perry Rose - Last post by Eric Viglione
For the sake of argument lets say someone is vehemently opposed to something and works very hard to get rid of the something and passes away before he can get rid of the something. If he is cremated and the something he was opposed to comes into being how can he roll over in his grave if he's powder in an urn on the mantle?

Perry - The internet is a wonderful thing:

"When ROLLING / TURNING OVER IN ONE’S GRAVE first appeared in print... All roads seem to lead to the original expression being TURN IN HIS GRAVE, which appeared in a work by English novelist Thackeray (1811-1863) in 1858 (see quote below). I found TURN OVER IN HIS GRAVE to appear next in 1862; ROLL OVER IN HIS GRAVE in 1881; TWISTING IN HIS GRAVE in 1904; SPIN IN HIS GRAVE in 1938.

The following seem to be the main forms with there being minor variations of these (see quotes below):

TURN OVER IN ONE’S GRAVE / TURN IN ONE’S GRAVE / ROLL OVER IN ONES GRAVE / SPIN IN ONE’S GRAVE (with variations): An idea or action that would have greatly upset the deceased, as in If she knew you’d sold her jewelry she’d turn over in her grave. (Facts on File Dictionary of Clichés, American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms)

<1858 “‘He's been there every day, in the most open manner, my dear,’ continued Mrs. Speers. ‘Enough to make poor Mr. Pendennis turn in his grave,’ said Mrs. Wapshot.”—The History of Pendennis – His Fortunes and Misfortunes, His Friends and His Greatest Enemy by William Makepeace Thackeray, page 154> [[a satiric picture of London high society]]

<1862 “That these documents, letters to the [[Confederate]] soldier, are almost always wretchedly written, hopelessly spelt and ungrammatical enough to make LINDLEY MURRAY turn over in his grave.”—Vanity Fair, 26 April, page 206>

It is being used as an antonym for RIP. "

So, I guess in the case of cremation, you could substitute, "Churning in his Urn"  Layingdown      Evil Evil

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