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 on: Yesterday at 04:21:28 PM 
Started by Scott Richlen - Last post by david beazley
 Stir the pot
Reply #17 lists 3 suppliers, AFAIK all the same stuff.
If there is any hint of it being good for C/L it will be discontinued by the manufacturer  Stir the pot

 on: Yesterday at 04:02:15 PM 
Started by Rich Perry - Last post by Ken Burdick
I wish I's something you have to see to understand. I'll send a note to Jeff and ask if he can better describe it than I can. I tried it myself tacking it down and it took a bit of time....he did his in a fraction of the time with no wrinkles.

 on: Yesterday at 03:44:54 PM 
Started by Chancey Chorney - Last post by Chancey Chorney
And it also came with both of teh starters pictured, power panel, electric fuel pump, fuelling syringe, glow plug clip for the power panel, and also a Sub'C' battery powered glow plug igniter (in which you put in your battery)

 on: Yesterday at 03:41:28 PM 
Started by Chancey Chorney - Last post by Chancey Chorney
Hi there. Yesterday I had picked up this neat little fieldbox locally. I am wondering if anyone may be able to please help me identify its maker. It is blue plastic, has a removable 'cup' on one side, removable 'tray' on top. The plastic fuel can that is in the picture also seems to perfectly fit the raised edges molded in.Again, any help in identifying this would be greatly appreciated.

 on: Yesterday at 03:14:54 PM 
Started by Russell Shaffer - Last post by Russell Shaffer
I'll vote for the amyl acetate.  My wife says the Sig smells like castor and the Morgan does not.  Anyhow, Morgan is cheaper and doesn't freeze.

 on: Yesterday at 03:14:46 PM 
Started by Steve Thompson - Last post by Steve Helmick
When the NW Skyraiders flew at Riverview Park in Kent, the Park Department required us to be AMA members (and club paid AMA site insurance), but also required that our two grass circles be open to all. We had no control over those "others" AMA membership, but apparently we were to ask if they would show their AMA card, and if they wouldn't, we were to call the Kent Police and have them evicted. Not a good thing, and not something anybody did.

Later, when we flew at Auburn Municipal Airport, we didn't have THIS problem, but club paid AMA site insurance and AMA membership was definitely required. For contests, competitors were considered "guests".

"Two up" flying was specifically dis-allowed at both sites. Riverview Park is right next to the Valley Freeway (WA-167), so combat or racing would not be prudent by anybody's definition. Highway noise was a good thing, otherwise. WE required mufflers for engines over .15 size at both sites. Maybe it's .15 and over. We still couldn't control muffler requirement for non-members. I doubt if the Kent Police would have responded anyway. Hoff Steve

 on: Yesterday at 03:12:06 PM 
Started by Michael Palm - Last post by Michael Palm
No I have not tried it with a pipe yet. I was fiddling around with a piped Irvine 46 Mk II  mounted on the engine test plane when a link broke and it crached. And I  have not had time to fix it yet, my sons planes take all the time. Maybe this summer the time comes to fix it. I will giva a report as soon as I get it in the air.
 Best. Michael

 on: Yesterday at 02:53:34 PM 
Started by Russell Shaffer - Last post by Steve Helmick
1% Amyl Acetate can be useful. It is (or was) a cheap solvent, and smells a lot like bananas. That's why I suggested a "sniff test".

Back in the olden days, nitro benzine was popular ("shoe polish smell"), but NB was designated as a carcinogen and banned completely, along with plain benzine. Amyl Acetate did the same thing at much lower percentages, plus it was cheap. Win/win. IF the castor oil came from China, there may be a chance that NB was "included".  Back in the '60's, "Blendzall" castor had the sweet aroma of Nitro make it mix with gasoline for racing motorcycles.  Hoff Steve

 on: Yesterday at 02:43:26 PM 
Started by Bootlegger - Last post by Steve Helmick
Fuel isn't wicked. Batteries are wicked. Future ex-wives are wicked. Stir the pot Devil Hoff Steve

PS: Look up "wicked" on, it's true. I have not been able to find an approved past tense for the woid "wick". There should be one. Any English teachers out there? 

 on: Yesterday at 02:32:54 PM 
Started by Russell Shaffer - Last post by Richard Logston
Back in the sixties some of us mixed our own fuel. We used Bakers AA castor and methonal and would add a tad of Amyl Acetate as a blender, don't remember how much. We were running K&B, Enya And Super Tiger RC engines. I had left U/C to satisfy the RC bug. Now all these years back to building control liners again. I'm posting this because Steve brought back the memory of using Amyl Acetate. Richard

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