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 on: Yesterday at 09:49:07 AM 
Started by Steve Helmick - Last post by John Park

My own dad was already an Army Air Corps pilot by December 7, 1941. He is long gone now but of course had vivid memories. The Army sent his unit to Alaska when the Japanese invaded and he spent the war years in the frozen north. Luckily for me, who probably would not be here if Dad had seen the combat he wanted.
This rings a very loud bell for me.  My dad was a skilled engineer and an aviation enthusiast, and tried to enlist as aircrew in the RAF.  He was old for aircrew duties, but by early 1941 they were taking men of his age as flight engineers in bombers, so that's what he was hoping for.  However, they made his engineering work a Reserved Occupation and he was stuck at his workbench for the duration.  Given the mortality rate of RAF bomber crews, if he'd got his way I don't think I'd have had much chance of seeing the light of day in 1945!

 on: Yesterday at 09:23:58 AM 
Started by Larry Fernandez - Last post by gordon tarbell
Having spent the early part of my life (59'-85') in central Fl. I got to watch every launch from Cape Canaveral from the back door of my parents house. In grade school all the kids would purchase and wear on their shirts and jackets the mission patches that were available. John Glenn was certainly a hero to us FL. kids. The later Saturn V launches (Apollo missions)were the most spectacular. Those things would shake the ground and rattle windows. The last live launch I watched was the shuttle we lost right after lift off. I was 20 miles from the coast headed east on Hwy. 50 and watching it go up looking through the windshield of my car. My boss at the time was engineer in charge of the APU's and hydraulics on the shuttle. It took him quite a while to get over the loss.

 on: Yesterday at 09:21:32 AM 
Started by Avaiojet - Last post by Avaiojet
Well, I found something to do that had to take place before silking is considered.

 I did attach the canopy with CA. Yes, I know you can get blushing if not careful.

 I don't use Superfill, even though it's popular, to feather in the canopy edge. I use Micro-balloons mixed with 5 minute epoxy. This way I can control the mix.

 Same stuff I use for my wing fillets and I like my fillets small.

 I mixed black water base paint, a couple of drops, to make the mix black so it wouldn't be visible looking into the canopy from either side.

 Couple of pieces of tape top and bottom and I spread the mix with my finger. Gotta work quick. Last pass is with a finger wet with alcohol. This smooths everything, pull the tape and no sanding is required. Done!


 on: Yesterday at 09:05:53 AM 
Started by bob whitney - Last post by Dennis Saydak
Steve was a very talented and creative person and his early demise was a great loss to our hobby. I built several Argus models of his design and I probably have one more in me before I go. I've been looking for many years for a color picture of the Fierce Arrow he built and flew at the Nats  to no avail. This is probably my last try at obtaining such a picture.

 on: Yesterday at 09:05:13 AM 
Started by Skip Chernoff - Last post by Skip Chernoff
Thanks guys. I'm not building the Pinto for any competition,just for fun. I already have TD .049/.051s and a new TD .09 BUT I just wanted to play with the know, something different to try. Should I use the Norvel or TD .09 I will definitely have to make the front end a bit wider to accommodate the larger engines. I wanted to stay away from the smaller mills as they can be a bit finicky.....Thanks,PhillySkip

 on: Yesterday at 08:57:51 AM 
Started by Steve Helmick - Last post by Mark Scarborough
seems odd to me that they want us to "get over it" until it comes to something they feel is important, like oh, illegal immigration, abusing welfare to let illegals have benefits, you know stuff like that then god help us if we "get over that"

 on: Yesterday at 08:44:27 AM 
Started by Skip Chernoff - Last post by Fredvon4
Page one of parts shows the needle NOT included with the Venturi on page two

 on: Yesterday at 07:50:11 AM 
Started by Skip Chernoff - Last post by bob whitney

  email me after the weekend (headed to the KOI ) I think I have the parts u need ,f2cracer

 on: Yesterday at 07:36:32 AM 
Started by Skip Chernoff - Last post by Dan McEntee
  Do an internet search for "NV Engines" as that is the name of the new company that produces the engines and sells them on line. I have never held an .074 so not sure how big it is physically. You may want to consider the .061 which will have the power to spare and be that same size as the .049 and Cox .051. Not sure if the mounting holes are the same or not between the Cox and Norvel. In purity terms, the Pinto is a 1/2A stunt model and strict legal terms for 1/2A has an .050" upper displacement limit, so the .051, .061 and the .074 would not qualify. Some contests have reverted to a 1cc limit, which takes in up to .061. I have a couple of the Pinto kits and would like to get one built and flying and make it so I can change out one engine for the other for testing purposes. If you are just sport flying, then none of the above matters, so have fun!
   Type at you later,
   Dan McEntee

 on: Yesterday at 07:27:35 AM 
Started by Skip Chernoff - Last post by Skip Chernoff
I've got a Norvel .074 "Big Mig" R/C engine that I'd like to convert to C/L use by obtaining the correct needle valve and needle. Do any of my friends out there know where I can get these parts? Who is handling Norvel stuff?
I'd like to use this engine in an RSM Pinto instead of an .049/.051   Thanks for any help you can give   PhillySkip

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