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 on: Yesterday at 06:33:57 PM 
Started by Leester - Last post by Dave_Trible
I like that white.  Mine will be white also in Russian lend lease winter garb.  Guess there was a famous squadron called simply the White Hurricanes.  My reason is to be able to see the thing against a treed background.  I've had a camo P40 vanish on me and it's unnerving.


 on: Yesterday at 06:07:31 PM 
Started by Steve Riebe - Last post by dave siegler
My son and I belong to 2 flying clubs and there was some discussion at our last meeting of how to get new people interested in the hobby and join the club. A few ideas were discussed but have been tried before with no results. What are you all doing to encourage new participation? I was thinking of creating a web site so people in the area could at least learn about our club activities. Hobby shops in our area are a lost cause, there is nothing control line related other then building supplies in the stores. Any ideas or suggestions would be more then welcome.

Our club does a static show about once a year in the library that we meet in the winter months. 
Also there is a steam tractor show and a heritage weekend that do fly at.   Lots of interest but few new members.
We work Kid-venture at EAA each year.
We fly combat, stunt and a pulse jet demo. 
Run a contest. 
Fly at a regular time so people see us regularly.

We are NOT and AMA show team, the show team program does not support control line guys anymore.  We have been a gold leader club for 25 years. 

That being said it does not help all that much.  The web site gets lots of hits and brings in some potential members each year.  Think we (I ) will be making web site bigger and better. 
Consider social media like facebook

 on: Yesterday at 05:55:03 PM 
Started by Douglas Ames - Last post by Chris Wilson
Flexing a control surface involves a lot more force than a simple pivot would.

One test I have seen often seen invoked on a finished stunter is will the flaps droop under gravity only?
Pass this test in miniature and I believe that you will have a winner on your hands

 on: Yesterday at 05:46:28 PM 
Started by Dennis Toth - Last post by Randy Cuberly
Yeah, Tom Morris has an array to suit your needs.  You can order them here through Stunt Hanger Hobby.  I've ordered stuff from Tom through SH Hobby and the service was first Class!

Randy Cuberly

 on: Yesterday at 05:43:37 PM 
Started by Leester - Last post by Randy Cuberly
I've seen a number of them at VSC flying in Classic!

Robin Sizemore built one many years ago and flew it for many years.  Excellent flier!

Randy Cuberly
PS:  I've never seen one with dihedral except on plans!

 on: Yesterday at 05:37:10 PM 
Started by Wolfgang Nieuwkamp - Last post by Chris Wilson
    Everything is allowed unless it is specifically excluded or contradicted. No rules banning auto-pilots = you can have all the autopilots you want. 

Ok, so if you allow auto pilots because they are not banned what name do you put down under registered competitor on your entry form - Microsoft, NASA?

The MAAA rules give -
"Definition: Control line flight is flight during which the model aeroplane is
aerodynamically manoeuvred by control surfaces in altitude or attitude, by the pilot on
the ground, by means of one or more inextensible wires or cables directly connected to
the aero model. "

 on: Yesterday at 05:33:56 PM 
Started by Motorman - Last post by Randy Cuberly ST45X on a tiny little profile...with a pipe yet...Crazy...seriously crazy...Why in heavens name would you do something like that...It'll probably take about 4-5 oz of tail weight to get the CG in a reasonable place.  Make sure you beef up the front of the Fuselage and the Fuse to Wing joint. 
Again Why!
This is a fun airplane (not really super stunt, but fun) with something like an OS25 FP or LA.


Randy Cuberly

 on: Yesterday at 05:27:10 PM 
Started by Shug Emery - Last post by Randy Cuberly
Yeah, the only thing better than owning your own airplane is to have a friend that lets you fly in his!  Layingdown Layingdown Layingdown

Thanks for sharing Shug,
Randy Cuberly

 on: Yesterday at 05:26:17 PM 
Started by Jim Nohsey - Last post by Leester
Here it is

If you order the controls be sure and tell him it's for the Top Flite ARF Nobler he knows the measurements.

 on: Yesterday at 05:14:23 PM 
Started by goozgog - Last post by goozgog
Hello Larry,
                Shipping airplanes is never easy.
If you (or anyone) send me photos and some basic
dimensions, I can work from that.

   I will probably have to interpret some details like
I did with the Spitfire. Input and ideas from other fliers
would be a good thing.

   If I'm remembering it right,the PT-19 has an open
bottom and you can see the controls. Those sort of
details would make it closer to the original.
   I also think I'd need to draw it for a Baby Bee and
also a product engine.
I will insist on keeping the rubber bands!  y1

If we're going to do this, should we start a new thread?

Cheers! - K.

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