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 on: Yesterday at 10:40:04 PM 
Started by dagored - Last post by Tim Wescott
The clunk should touch, or almost touch, the outer wall of the tank when the plane is held with the wings vertical.  If you have a Hayes tank and this is not happening then your line is too stiff.  If you have a DuBro or Sullivan tank, then either your line is too stiff or (particularly if you have a slant tank) the brass tubes are not bent correctly.

I've never been fully satisfied with regular tanks -- even the metal tanks that find their way into my airplanes end up being clunk tanks.  Clunk tanks can and do work very well.

 on: Yesterday at 10:06:42 PM 
Started by dagored - Last post by bob whitney
 sounds like the fuel line is too stiff, find a softer fuel line

 on: Yesterday at 10:06:10 PM 
Started by Avaiojet - Last post by billbyles
"...First, you have been on my troll list for over four years..."

Hey, I'm on the list with Brett Buck!  I'm thinking it's not a very exclusive list anymore, however...

 on: Yesterday at 10:02:05 PM 
Started by Leester - Last post by Gordon Van Tighem
Veco Hurricane, Fox 40, differential flaps, l/g moved to fuselage, construction started in 1963, still flyable. Over/under leadouts epoxy over tissue versus brass tubing, 4oz tank. Soldered controls, but something has been rattling in the center section for about 20 years.
Lots of line tension, so rest your arm every 2 or 3 flights.

 on: Yesterday at 10:00:32 PM 
Started by Tom Schwartz - Last post by Bill Heher
 I have almost the identical rack, and I hang it from the ceiling of the garage on a couple of big hooks from Home Depot, gets it up and out of the way, but I can still pull it down to put in the truck...

 on: Yesterday at 09:54:54 PM 
Started by Dick Pacini - Last post by wwwarbird

 Here we go again. IGNORE him guys, just do it. Coffee

 on: Yesterday at 09:51:39 PM 
Started by Carl Cisneros - Last post by Serge_Krauss
The Sterling Yak-9 was my first "big" CL model. I flew it on 52' lines with a nicely broken-in McCoy .35 ($5.98 special). I had a ball with it, and leaned out, it flew with no problems at all. Of course I knew nothing of "the pattern", but did horizontal lazy-8's, wingovers, and vertical lazy-8's, which were sometimes successful, a significant accomplishment, since they did not fill up much more than 60-70 degrees. Mine had flaps and the V-shaped flap connector. The plane is sort of short-coupled for flaps, but mine was purely stock and flew quite well. I lovd that plane! I built another, started around 1960 and finished in 2002, after my 40-year hiatus. It's too heavy.

 on: Yesterday at 09:39:09 PM 
Started by James Mills - Last post by Bill Heher
A big dose of prayer and hope going out to Marvin, he ha generously helped me numerous time with parts from the "Old Engine Barrel".

Here is hoping you a Happy Thanksgiving " Big Iron", stay strong and fight on!

 on: Yesterday at 09:33:27 PM 
Started by Dennis Holler - Last post by Ty Marcucci
The goemetric marks on the rudder and stbd wing show she is from the USS Bennington CV-20 air group, VT 82 (Torpron 82). Those got confusing and later the Navy went to letters on the fin/rudder. Hoff

 on: Yesterday at 09:22:59 PM 
Started by dagored - Last post by dagored
used a plastic tank with clunker inside on a sig Banchee profile motor is an old fox .35 no muffler and it seems the clunker in the tank cant keep up when the fuel gets less then half full when your doing stunts , the tank is a 4oz . just getting back into control line after 20 + yrs , should i just put a 4 oz wedge tank on it.....Thanks

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