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 on: Today at 11:36:16 AM 
Started by Brian Gardner - Last post by dirty dan
The MK 1s  were terrible motors, I blew up everyone I had, Duke sent new ones, The rods were sliced almost in half for lubing the pin, those destructed very quickly, many on run number one.

They blew up on Dukes fuel  10% nitro,  I stopped using Missle Mist after the first motor grenade d . Duke fixed the design, and the second iterations were vastly better


This reminds me of the time when a fellow (Doc Passen?) was promoting a new Combat motor produced in Italy. Howard was known to have a couple. I called to see what he thought. "Well, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is they are slow. The good news is they blow up."


 on: Today at 11:25:47 AM 
Started by Bootlegger - Last post by dirty dan
one thing to use and it works well is the pony tail bands that come 10 for a dollar

Agreed. Derek Moran once sent me a nice selection of these things (purchased in a grocery store as I recall) and they were quite effective. Even had a pleasant smell, this to entice young girls I suppose. Too bad they were just too gay for me to use in public...


 on: Today at 11:08:51 AM 
Started by John Stiles - Last post by Don Chandler
Oh, just this last Tuesday morning. I was out flying and had just started the engine on my "Vector". I reached around to diconnect the starter battery like we all have done thousands of times. My fourth flight of the morning and my last for about 3 weeks. I left my left halh of thumb nail God knows where, and after 5 hours in the emergency room the tip was sewn back on and the tip of the bone in that finger is mending.

Stupid because I fly off of a stooge here and know to go behind the airplane to disconect the starter battery but instead reached around the prop-Not!!


 on: Today at 10:56:09 AM 
Started by John Cralley - Last post by Dave_Trible
When are ballots due?  Still waiting on mine.
John I got mine last week in my renewal letter.  Coming soon to a mailbox near you.


 on: Today at 10:52:42 AM 
Started by James Mills - Last post by John Craig

 on: Today at 09:47:37 AM 
Started by John Cralley - Last post by Hoss Cain
Sent my vote for Hoss today. It certainly can't hurt to have a CL flyer in there if he is willing to give up his free time to do it. Everyone on here that is an AMA member should support him  Mike

Thanks much, Mr. Mike, Et. Al. I do still love CL models. I do have some C L models. I have a new design and hope to get it done this winter. Swept wing, 60" span, .61 size, to look like a slimmed fuselage Mig 17. No plans, just started cutting Balsa last winter but got a tad slow.
I have several others including an old design of around 1950. model is new, never flown but Hanging with a Super Cyclone that I flew a lot back in the mid-50s. I have a number of S. Cykes, Ardens,  Anderson Spitfires, etc. and kits from 1940s to Noblers, Thunderbirds and such.
I fly a couple Ringmasters (Fox 35s), Still Stuka (Fox .25) and some old _ "just started cutting balsa" _  Clown stuff in the back yard

Yes Guys I may no longer be the big competition CLer, but CL will never go away until I do.  y1

 on: Today at 09:45:03 AM 
Started by RknRusty - Last post by RknRusty
Good tips, I wouldn't have thought to twist the wing. If I recall correctly, Mike told me to snip off some of the width of the elevator. Maybe that's an alternative to a longer horn? I will use a tame handle. I have a good one that looks like it was made from the handle of a polysomething chemical drum. I'll rewire it at 2". Thanks for reminding me how careful I need to be with this thing. I'll have an experienced launcher in Huntersville. I won't try to fly it before then. I launched one for Howard Shenton one day, with a Nelson of some sort on it. Damn thing scared the crap out of me Lol. I'm getting more excited than ever now.

 on: Today at 09:30:33 AM 
Started by bill bischoff - Last post by bill bischoff
Venturis and needles in stock again 10/1/14.

 on: Today at 09:08:15 AM 
Started by Uncle Jimby - Last post by Uncle Jimby

One would think there would be electric motor hurling.  Better yet, LiPo battery hurling.  That would be cool.

As a matter of fact, I have a nice puffy LIPO that might produce some interesting results on impact (not IMPACT).

 on: Today at 09:04:32 AM 
Started by Uncle Jimby - Last post by Uncle Jimby
  It may be possible to get an autograph from some Hurl luminaries at the contest.


At what cost?Huh?

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