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 on: Today at 07:31:16 PM 
Started by RC Storick - Last post by john e. holliday
Some way or some how the old DOC has to have one. Hoff

 on: Today at 07:26:12 PM 
Started by James Mills - Last post by Will Davis
a few pics of top three in each event...

 on: Today at 07:20:49 PM 
Started by Motorman - Last post by Brett Buck
Ok, went flying a few times. Didn't know where to set neutral LOL. Big difference this thing flys so level and steady compared to before, even inverted is better. One thing, I had to keep feeding down into the handle, plane wanted to jump off the ground. I got it close but still seems to be more pressure on my pinky finger when flying level and needs a tad more input on the outsides. Will it ever get to neutral with a set up like this or will I always have to feed some down into it when flying level?

   Adjust the handle neutral to remove the bias. This will probably have to change slightly as you adjust the elevator, but over the range you are adjusting it, it should not be a big neutral shift. You have gone too far on the adjustment when you notice significantly different control force between inside and outside maneuvers. It shouldn't take much.


 on: Today at 07:16:01 PM 
Started by Jim Svitko - Last post by Steve Fitton
Jim, for what its worth, Eric Viglione has been using klasskote epoxy paint and has been very happy with it.  Personally, I have been using DuPont 480S clear on the last few airplanes with good results.

 on: Today at 07:14:39 PM 
Started by James Mills - Last post by John Paris
Good job Ben Mills (the rest of you did okay too..... Grin).  Congratulations.

 on: Today at 07:09:51 PM 
Started by Don Hutchinson AMA5402 - Last post by Steve Fitton
I don't think heavier dope is plausible.  Besides, if "heavier" dope had a detectable weight change to a small model plane, imagine the weight gain in your typical J-3.  It would never get off the ground.

Chemistry changes to dope over the years are relatively minimal compared to many other paint systems.  Big changes could have unintended effects and get people killed.

 on: Today at 07:06:01 PM 
Started by Chris Belcher - Last post by Matt Spencer
Was / Is more . . . thoughts ( derived from ) a set up on say a side mounted engine                   , with a built in tank .

Trying a variety of engines in the second Phantom , where the tanks not accessable . The Intake on the 21 series Super Tigres with the offset in the case are not on the centerline , like the OS 35 it was built for .

It was the 35C Flat Top , with intake on centerline that split the tank and shook the joints loose with its vibration , and was thirstyest . So it got a new nose and the FSR 25.

So . . . if you DID have a permanently installed tank with a sidewinder engine , and were worried about even speed upright/ inverted , having some set up so you could haul
the pipes around might ease your worried mind ! . Smiley Tongue

From Memory I think , the 21 40 was worst uneven & 21 35 ran dead even . 10 min on the 25 , 7 min on the 21 35 , 5 min on the C 35 Flat Top , on the same fuel .


Say a 10 mm hole with a 1/2 Sq Patch over it , back at the rear ; If you left the last inch of the pipes unsoldered , would let you get in easy to tweak them , on an accessable tank . A spur of the moment thought .

Bit like the guys soldering a tin lid with the threaded cap receptical on for clunk access in a tin tank . Also let you clean the thing out and VISUALLY check it .


We could have a thread for photos of the insides of rusted / gunked up TANKS . Mines Worse than Yours . With a Quaterly Winner .  Grin Layingdown

 on: Today at 07:05:37 PM 
Started by #Liner - Last post by #Liner
Haha, Damn. That was way more spectacular than mine. Looked like a poplar with those big ol leaves. You really brought em down. We both hit it inverted.

You need to hook up with the Philly Fliers and get your ass down here to Huntersville in October.
Lol actually that was my dad, I forgot to tell him to back up cause I nipped that tree a couple flights before that. It's a Maple tree. I was pondering going down there,  will see how the money situation goes first.

 on: Today at 07:03:23 PM 
Started by James Mills - Last post by Will Davis

 on: Today at 06:49:36 PM 
Started by Mike Griffin - Last post by Paul W.
What is "SLC" Huh

  10ft = $6.00
100ft = $35.00 + shipping

Paul W.

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