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 on: Yesterday at 09:17:41 PM 
Started by Skip Chernoff - Last post by Tim Wescott
Let us know how it works.  It's not a bad exercise to take a junker plane and experiment with the CG.  You can usually fly them over a much larger range than you can fly them well.

 on: Yesterday at 09:15:56 PM 
Started by Astropuppy - Last post by Tim Wescott
I actually worked on a model airplane today!  My guts have been out of sorts for months, to the point where I've been averaging 12 hours of sleep a day, and the time pretty much came out of anything but work-work.

Didn't do much -- put a section of leading edge into a much-rebuilt Flight Streak, and made some shims to put an Enya 19 into the thing in place of a 25LA.  But, I did something!

 on: Yesterday at 09:11:35 PM 
Started by Russell Shaffer - Last post by Tim Wescott
Russ your link didn't work.

I'm not Russel, but:

 on: Yesterday at 09:04:57 PM 
Started by JH - Last post by Dan McEntee
  This will be cool!! What are we talking about for power plant? I would love to do a Rabe Seafury or this model but will have to get much more disciplined about getting my shop in a more organized state!. I'll have to pull the mag and check out the article.
   Type at you later,
   Dan McEntee

 on: Yesterday at 09:01:21 PM 
Started by Russell Shaffer - Last post by Motorman
The rules I found make this a full fuselage, monoline event with modified engines and CF props. Looks like you have to use the OEM piston/sleeve which means once you start leaning down the needle and letting it rev you will quickly burn up sleeves on an engine that's out of production.

P.S. The KK valve is too small for a .25.

 on: Yesterday at 08:54:51 PM 
Started by Matt Spencer - Last post by wwwarbird

 Thanks for the heads-up. I've got the KYO Corsair and Bearcat both NIB, wouldn't mind having a Skyraider to go with them.

 on: Yesterday at 08:49:10 PM 
Started by Matt Piatkowski - Last post by Matt Piatkowski
I will build the two motor indoor electric stunt plane using the build-up Depron wing with 23% airfoil.
EMAX2822 motors will be used.

Please provide the sketch of possible electrical connections between motors, one larger or two smaller batteries, KR governors and ESCs.
I would like to have one Master Switch.

Which is better and why:one large or two smaller batteries in series.


 on: Yesterday at 08:34:25 PM 
Started by Warren Walker - Last post by Warren Walker
Your question is a bit tricky.  If say So. Cal. is around 35 degrees North of the equator then a person opposite of you on the earth would be at 35 degrees South.  They would not be observing the same stars 12 hours later from their vantage point.  Now if opposite of you means the person at 35 degrees North, then they would see the same stars 12 hours after you do. 

Yes, I just referring to opposite on a rotational line. What I was really asking about is,
 as we circle around the sun for 365 days, how much of the milky way do we see.


 on: Yesterday at 08:30:53 PM 
Started by Astropuppy - Last post by Astropuppy
Stopped by my friend Pat's house for some leadout eyelet instruction.

 on: Yesterday at 08:20:34 PM 
Started by JH - Last post by wwwarbird
 WOW!  Welcome to the forum "JH", your 190 looks incredible!

 You may want to move this over to the "Building Techniques" section, but please keep us posted as you progress. y1

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