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 on: Today at 03:16:40 PM 
Started by goozgog - Last post by Paul Smith
My local grocery store refused to give me the old corn crates.  They send them back to the farm for re-use.  Brodak scraps 'em after one trip.  I'm having serious doubts about the food from a store that ships in old rotten crates.

 on: Today at 02:40:50 PM 
Started by LCVS - Last post by Howard Rush
I paint in my garage.  Overspray goes everywhere.  I don't care.  My wife doesn't mind the smell, so I invite the local guys to spray in my garage.  The extra paint on my paint stand helps prevent corrosion and is a welcome change from just orange.

This is no help to Luis.  Igor Burger paints in his apartment, I think.  Perhaps he can tell Luis how. 

 on: Today at 02:29:50 PM 
Started by bob whitney - Last post by bob whitney

  Just got off the phone with AMA  they just had contact with Mr Weedman ,the KOI stunt contest is still on  more info to come in the next couple of days

 on: Today at 02:27:34 PM 
Started by Mike Griffin - Last post by Gerald Arana

We did that waaaaay back in the '50's.  y1 And yes, I still do it if need be.  Grin

Only difference is I use thinned dope..........sands easier.


 on: Today at 02:27:24 PM 
Started by Curare - Last post by Howard Rush
Right, I did not do math, and I say t is only my bet if everything else is equal, because there could be several reasons which could be diffent between flights, for example mentioned temperature or any other atmospheric difference ... and I did not do it because it is too complex. There are several thing coming to equation:

1/ drag of lines which is higher on longer lines so makes inward moment

2/ fuselage moment (out of circle) which is lower on longer lines so makes inward moment

3/ unequal wing drag on left/right is lower on longer lines so makes inward moment

4/ prop moment of angled prop disc which is lower on longer lines because air comes more perpendicular so makes lower outward = relative inward moment

yes all those things caused by different radius are very small, in range under 1% (and some of them far under), but almostnothing + almostnothing + almostnothing + ... + almostnothing + almostnothing = something  Grin

plus if you compensate such moment only by lines (in the case that fuselage moment does not change with yaw angle), it can make visible difference in yaw angle additionaly all multiplied by centrifugal force / G force (relative to ground stand). To that conlusion leads me one experience happened during initial trimming of new model with OS .46 - I lost 5 g weight during flight from tip weight (temporarily fixed by tape) ... motor went immediatelly rich ... when I installed it back, motor worked as before - all without needle adjusting.  

2, 3, and 4 are almost nothing. I didn't calculate 3, but shee-it, Igor.  That's only three almostnothings, not enough to count, and not as significant as a little bit of wind, which has a trivial effect.

I hadn't calculated #1, except the amount of rudder force needed to balance it.    Here is a revision to the spreadsheet that has incremental leadout position needed to compensate for the yaw increment of the extra line drag.  It's .032 inch (0,8 mm to you).  The least adjustment I can make to my leadouts is four times that amount.  I never noticed that affecting engine run.  I calculated this for level flight.  The amount of leadout increment needed for maneuvers may be another .01 inch.  You are welcome to calculate the exact amount.  

 on: Today at 02:13:34 PM 
Started by Curare - Last post by Chris Wilson
So you are "in total agreement" with an assertion that the extra drag of a foot of lines suffices to lean out the engine, causing it to sag in a vertical eight, having come to this conclusion from "no accurate input".

Yep, because it seems to me to be the most reasonable outcome - so I agree with it

And even with the most accurate input there seems to be no more accurate answer also -but that is not to say that I do not stand in awe of your time and skill spent on this, thankyou.

 on: Today at 02:11:54 PM 
Started by Robert Zambelli - Last post by Will Hinton
Most posting here will understand this comment:  "Kill the rabbit!"

 on: Today at 01:52:06 PM 
Started by Mike Griffin - Last post by Larry Renger
This is for ding repairs after a couple of coats of dope? Yes? I would think that if used on raw balsa, the hardness difference would be a problem. Basically a very good idea if used properly, thanks for the tip.  Hoff

 on: Today at 01:47:55 PM 
Started by Larry Renger - Last post by Larry Renger
Yup, I just cant stand a plane that is uncontrollable except under power. I am building the Mark 3 as soon as I get some parts from Eric Rule. Tim Wescott alreadyhas a set of those parts as a thank-you for developing the timer.

We mayneed to buy a moderately large number of the timers. Anybody out there want to buy one?

 on: Today at 01:23:41 PM 
Started by dale gleason - Last post by dale gleason
Super Cyclone (.60 I think). Spark ignition. Nice shape 200$. Will split shipping with the buyer.
dale gleason

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